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New AAFCO website to help small petfood manufacturers

‘The Business of Pet Food’ was designed for smaller producers who have limited understanding of state and federal regulatory requirements
In the September 2010 issue of Petfood Industry, I briefly reported on the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ intent to launch a website designed particularly to help small manufacturers understand and comply with labeling and other state and federal regulatory requirements. The preview of the site at last year’s annual meeting met with tremendous applause from the audience.
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Kemin completes acquisition of ADF's spray drying technology, products

Kemin will take over American Dehydrated Foods' Verona, Missouri, USA South plant
Petfood ingredients provider Kemin Industries completed its purchase and acquisition of selected property, equipment and other assets of American Dehydrated Foods Inc. The acquisition includes spray dried liver hydrolysate products, spray dried liver products, other specialty dried products and spray drying technology for use in premium and super premium petfood.
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Animal feed expert contributions wanted for FIAAP Asia 2012

Event calls for presentations on animal feed ingredients, additives until September 1, 2012
The animal feed industry is invited to submit presentations on advances in animal feed ingredients for the FIAAP Asia Conference 2012, which will take place in February alongside Victam Asia, in Bangkok, Thailand. The FIAAP Asia Conference, which will be held February 16, 2012, focuses on animal feed ingredients and additives.
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Sarkozy warns of rising commodity prices worldwide

French president calls on G-20 countries to control food prices
French President Nicolas Sarkozy called on the world's group of 20 rich industrial nations and major emerging markets to set up a shared central database of food prices to help control market volatility and rising commodity prices. Speaking at a European Commission conference in Brussels, Belgium, Sarkozy said that rising commodity prices are driving up inflation in fast-growing emerging economies, which poses a threat to global feeding balances.  
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Victam, Petfood Forum Asia preparing for Thailand in February 2012

Petfood Forum Asia calls for papers from prospective petfood industry speakers
Exhibition area at Thailand's Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center for the co-located Victam, FIAAP and GRAPAS 2012 tradeshows is more than 50% sold, show organizers announced. The three tradeshows will take place February 15-17, 2012, and will have a similar format to the 2010 event with the three shows co-located in one exhibition hall along with a number of technical conferences, including Petfood Forum Asia 2012.
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Benefits of dietary fiber in companion animal diets

Information regarding dietary fibers and prebiotics is growing in the field of pet nutrition and health
Dietary fiber has long been an important ingredient in companion animal diets. Not until recently have we begun to understand the numerous benefits dietary fiber may have on dog and cat health and well-being. Recent work on prebiotics and understanding the benefits of a healthful large bowel microbiota has increased the interest in dietary fibers. In particular, the database regarding dietary fibers and prebiotics is growing as it relates to pet animal nutrition and health.
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Vet says petfood should include nine key ingredients for puppy health

Petfood should be formulated specifically for size, nutritional needs of puppies
It is important that petfood for a puppy be formulated specifically for young dogs, so that the food includes nine key ingredients for puppy health. "Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult and senior dogs,” Katy Nelson, an emergency veterinarian said in an article.
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Something to Chew On

Grain market: here we go again

Increased demand, tight supply and continually rising prices for commodities bring up bad memories from 2008
Nearly every petfood producer I have talked with this year, including in Europe, has expressed concern about the continually escalating cost of ingredients, especially commodities. As of this writing, corn futures for this month (July 2011) were trading on the Chicago Board of Trade at US$7.59 a bushel, according to
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Dominoes falling in petfood ingredient market

Smart producers who understand contributing factors and take a proactive approach will likely be the ones left standing
Each of these is a domino in the petfood ingredient market. The days of US$2 bushel corn seem a faint memory for those of us who have been in the petfood business for many years. Today, corn prices are over US$7 per bushel, with some experts projecting a rise as high as 35% over the next year.
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FEDIAF issues draft on communication for petfood

European petfood federation expects draft code on communcation on petfood to consumers will be adopted by EU commission
European Union Regulation 767/2009 on placing on the market and use of animal feeds sets out basic rules for the way information about petfood should be provided to the consumer. Common principles set out in this legislation are that information communicated about products must be truthful, objective and quantifiable, and it must also not mislead or deceive customers.
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