Pet Food Ingredients


Americans feel ‘guilty’ about kibble odor; French ‘joyful’

Among study participants, French and American pet owners expressed different emotional approaches toward kibble odor.
Among the pet owners of Brittany of France, Kansas in the Unites States and Réunion Island, off the east coast of Africa, scientists found differences in people’s psychological reactions to dog and cat food.
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‘Beautiful system’ supplies by-products to make pet food

Using otherwise-wasted ingredients from the humans food chain now serves to boost pet food industry sustainability.
Before recycling even entered the English language, some pet food and animal feed ingredient companies reduced the amount of waste produced by reusing byproducts of the human food system.
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Pet food industry disconnected from public on byproducts

For years, there’s been a disconnect between the pet food industry and consumers about the value of byproducts.
Byproduct usage serves as a huge sustainability story for the pet food industry, one executive said. People in the industry take for granted that others know the same.
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Pandemic challenges global pet food ingredient suppliers

While movement restrictions may have hindered pet food ingredient production and delivery, one executive said his company managed to maintain on-time delivery despite lockdowns.
Despite the best efforts of any particular pet food industry business to prepare for the pandemic and deal with its effects, COVID-19 affected the entire supply chain.
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Infrastructure allows pet food ingredient supply mission

Inspiring employees to a higher purpose may have motivated them, but a pet food industry supplier needs to have the infrastructure behind that mission too.
Along with the crucial mission of providing food, many pet food industry suppliers had the infrastructure in place to make good on that goal.
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Pet food maker nutrition, quality by ingredient studied

Knight leads an ongoing survey to examine pet food manufacturers’ approaches to ensuring balanced nutrition and quality control, depending on the main ingredient type.
However, pet owners may have trepidations about novel pet food ingredients or varieties, including raw, plant protein, cell-cultured, insect, fungal or algal-based pet foods.
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