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3 roadblocks to plant-based pet food ingredients

Dogs, cats and other pet food manufacturers can meet pets’ nutritional requirements, while still delivering a plant-based food to consumers, but it has to be properly formulated.
Three factors can stand in the way of acceptance of plant-based proteins as pet food ingredients. Dog and cat owners won't sacrifice taste and texture for their pets when converting to plant-based products.
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Coastal wolves, ancient clambakes and paleo dog food

Human food trends arose from people’s intentions to eat as our Paleolithic, or Stone Age, ancestors did, and these trends transferred to pet food.
For dogs, the paleo diet can mean meat and other items encountered around human camps during domestication. Although “discarded loincloth” will never become a dog food variety, other ancient flavors may remain to be revived as dog foods.
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5 dog, cat and other pet food ingredients from cattle

While beef is what’s for dinner in many pet’s diets, at least as a principal ingredient, various other cattle components appear in pet food.
While beef is what’s for dinner in many pet’s diets, at least as a principal ingredient, various other cattle components appear in pet food.
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5 ways to avoid aflatoxin in pet food ingredients

Scientists at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes) reviewed decades of research on aflatoxin contamination in dog food, including prevention methods.
As the recall of potentially aflatoxin-contaminated dog food goes international and a lawsuit over dozens of pet deaths goes to court, dog, cat and other pet food manufacturers can learn how to avoid their own tragic and costly recalls.
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Natural antioxidant curcumin in dog food may boost health

A team of Brazilian researchers at Santa Catarina State University (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina) experimented with producing dog food using curcumin to replace synthetic antioxidants.
The scientists concluded that curcumin improved animal health by stimulating the antioxidant system and having an anti-inflammatory effect.
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Novel pet food ingredients 2020: whisky, wood, possum, TCM

In 2020, pet food makers and marketers learned about these 10 novel pet food ingredients in Petfood Industry.
From algae grown on pot ale, a co-product of the Scottish whisky industry, to torula yeast grown on wood product left-overs, a range of potential novel ingredients emerged in 2020, despite the pandemic. To the contrary, the pandemic increased pet owner awareness of health issues, and that focus expanded to pet foods, treats and supplements made with phytonutrient-rich plants and functional ingredients.
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