Pet Food Ingredients

Top 5 fruits and vegetables in U.S. pet food 2018

While many fruits and vegetables are included in traditional kibble formulations made on extruders, other technologies have become available to the pet food ingredient industry.
Market analysts at Nielsen tabulated that pet owners in the United States spent approximately US$33 million on pet foods with human-grade products, such as fruits and vegetables, in 2018.
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Pentobarbital pet food ingredients sold after FDA warning

FDA issued a warning letter to JBS Souderton about pentobarbital traces found in JBS’ Souderton, Pennsylvania rendering facility in August 2018.
JBS Souderton continued to sell pentobarbital-contaminated tallow to pet food companies after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had alerted the pet food ingredient supplier.
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Dogs and cats readily accept insect-based protein and oil

Dogs readily accepted the kibble with black soldier fly meal at up to 20% inclusion and with insect-based oil at up to 5%.
In feeding trials with both dogs and cats, pet foods made with insect-based ingredients had similar palatability and digestibility to kibble containing conventional pet food protein and oil sources.
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4 clean label pet food production and marketing lessons

The clean label pet food trend challenges manufacturers to create shelf-stable, nutritious and safe pet foods with a limited range of ingredients, while still keeping those products highly palatable.
Pet food industry professionals learned how to meet consumer demands for clean label pet foods at Petfood Innovation Workshop.
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Smoke and vinegar as clean label pet food ingredients

Petfood Innovation Workshop attendees visited seven stations featuring aspects of how pet food companies can meet dog, cat and other pet food owners’ demands for clean label pet food.
Although consumers demand easy-to-understand recipes, clean label pet foods can be anything but simple for formulators.
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Top 5 pet food industry concerns: ingredient quality #1

Watt Global Media, publisher of Petfood Industry, conducted the survey as part of the registration process for Petfood Forum 2019.
Although pet food ingredient quality ranked as the top concern, no single dominant threat emerged when 1,300 pet food industry professionals answered the question “What is the most pressing issue facing your organization?”
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