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Trace minerals in pet food may help bone health

While fast-growing livestock breeds need the minerals to support bone growth and joint development, pets may benefit from chelated trace minerals to counterbalance other components of the animals’ diets.
An animal nutritionist suggested in a video from Petfood Forum that pet food companies learn from livestock feed formulators.
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4 novel functional pet food ingredients, like turmeric

In the past few years, turmeric moved to the front of pet food packages, as pet owners came to associate health benefit claims with turmeric such as anti-inflammatory, relief of arthritis pain, gastrointestinal disorder help, steroid replacement and allergy relief.
Plants, such as hemp, turmeric and ashwagandha, along with other light-eaters, algae, serve as functional ingredients in both human and pet foods by aiding animals’ bodies in ways beyond calories counts and protein levels.
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Pet food brands can educate pet owners on gut microbiome

Our bodies serve as habitats for a diverse range of bacteria, virus and fungi. These organisms, along with the bodily habitats they reside in, form microbiomes with pets, people and wildlife.
Pet food companies can bridge the gap between microbiome research and the marketing claims about certain ingredients effects on pet microbiome health.
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