Pet Food Ingredients

11 pet food sustainability articles as of Earth Day 2019

As of April 22, 2019, these eleven Petfood Industry news articles, blogs, features and press releases have covered topics related to environmental and social sustainability.
Subjects ranged from the environmental effects of novel pet food ingredients to recyclable pet food packaging.
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Petfood Forum Europe tackles online success, brand loyalty

Pet food experts to focus on online sales models, social media, brand loyalty, sustainability and more.
Learn how to develop and grow online pet food sales, collect data on pets and their owners and use social media to build or revive your pet food brand.
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Quinoa pet food ingredients help, hurt Andean farmers

Pet food companies now use quinoa for its superfood reputation, but the popularity of the crop had repercussions for the people who first domesticated it.
While the nutritional benefits of quinoa may be straightforward, the economic, cultural and environmental factors related to the cultivation of quinoa hold complexities.
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