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WATTAgNet hosts webinar for 2013 grains, wheat, oilseed commodity outlook

Webinar will analyze and present information pertinent to the US animal feed industry.
WATTAgNet will present the webinar “2013 Feed Grains, Wheatand Oilseeds Commodity Outlook,” January 22 at 10 a.m. CST. The webinar will cover information on the 2013 crop outlook based on the USDA’s January 11 crop reports.
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Xanthan gum: Functional carbohydrate for petfoods?

This specialty ingredient used in vegetarian and gluten-free diets could have applications as a thickener and stabilizer in petfoods.
Xanthan gum is found occasionally in pet products, most commonly in wet foods and periodically in sauces and gravies, milk replacers and other liquid supplements. While one can find this ingredient in the specialty grocery aisle for vegetarian and gluten-free dietary needs, it is not what one would consider mainstream.
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Petfood Forum and Workshop offer learning, networking

Experts from petfood and human food industries share the latest research—plus you can meet with leading industry suppliers and peers
Get up to speed on the latest research and knowledge on pet nutrition and ingredients, petfood safety,processing, marketing, packaging and much more by attending Petfood Forum 2013 and Petfood Workshop: World of Ingredients. Both conferences also offer a unique opportunity to interact with your peers, because this is the one time of year when the petfood industry comes together all in one place.
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Purrs and growls for petfood in 2012, opportunities for 2013

I know, at this time of year, everyone does one of these blog posts or columns trying to sum up the year for an industry or assign accolades and criticisms to entities within the industry. But as cliché as they may be, people tend to read such posts or columns, so I'll jump on the bandwagon and issue my "purrs and growls" for the petfood industry for 2012 and look ahead to opportunities for the coming year.
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US, China extend agreement for animal feed safety

US Food and Drug Administration, General Administration of China agree to cooperate on food safety for five more years.
The US Food and Drug Administration renewed an agreement with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China to further cooperation between the US and China on food and animal feed safety. Originally signed in November 2008, the US and China have extended the agreement for five more years.
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Key nutrients in a pet's diet may boost immune system effectiveness

Recent blog shares vet's knowledge of immunonutrition, discusses supplementing a pet's diet with certain nutrients
In a recent blog on, Jennifer Coates, DVM, shares her knowledge in the field of immunonutrition, which deals with supplementing a pet’s diet with certain nutrients’ to boost the immune system’s effectiveness. The veterinarian says that the gastrointestinal tract is home to more than 65 percent of the body’s immune cells, which means optimal nutrition and a well-functioning immune system are important. 
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AFIA hosts seminar on petfood ingredient trade requirements

Import/Export seminar recently held in Arlington, Virginia, USA
The American Feed Industry Association recently hosted its Import/Export Seminar, in Arlington, Virginia, USA, which provides opportunity for discussion and education on trade requirements for feed, petfood and ingredients. Key speaker Suzanne Heinen, administrator of the US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service, delivered an overview of the Foreign Agricultural Service, whose strategy, according to Heinen, is comprised of four criteria: trade policy, market development and export assistance, market intelligence and analysis, and international development.
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Nutrition focus: Combating pet obesity

The latest research, products and methods for fighting the pet obesity epidemic
Obesity is an important disease with a growing incidence in the companion animal population. In the past decade, petfood companies have been formulating diets that are low-carb, high fiber, all protein, lean protein or calorie conscious, in hopes of wooing pet parents struggling to help their pets shed those extra pounds. 
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Ancient grains for today’s petfood: Amaranth and quinoa

While not mainstream petfood ingredients, these pseudo-cereals may be viable alternatives for specialty purposes
As more and more petfood brands strive for differentiation, the search for non-traditional ingredients intensifies. We have seen new meats and meals, tubers in many varieties and now legume seeds and beans becoming prominent.
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AAFCO, FDA extend petfood, animal feed ingredients agreement

Memorandum of Understanding extended until September 1, 2015.
  The Association of American Feed Control Officials and the US Food and Drug Administration have agreed to extend the organizations' Memorandum of Understanding until September 1, 2015. The American Feed Industry Association says it has worked with Congress, FDA and industry stakeholders to insert the AAFCO Official Publication into the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to counter the effects of the Food and Drug Administration Act of 2007, which used the term “ingredient standards” and told FDA to develop rules for petfood ingredient standards.   
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