Pet Food Ingredients

Soybean oil: Food industry staple right for petfood?

Currently limited to therapeutic and specialty petfoods, this high-quality ingredient could be used in a broader array of products
Soybean oil plays an infrequent and peripheral role in petfoods. This is somewhat surprising given its popularity in human foods and its prevalence on grocery store shelves alongside corn and canola oil.
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Effects of preservation conditions of canine feces

Chilling is a practical method to preserve feces during transport for in vitro fermentation studies evaluating dietary ingredients
This study investigated the effect of chilling and freezing canine feces on in vitro gas production kinetics and fermentation end-product profiles from carbohydrate-rich and protein-rich substrates. Feces were collected from three adult Retriever-type dogs fed a wet diet for at least two weeks.
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Astaxanthin improves age-associated mitochondrial function

Dietary astaxanthin improved mitochondrial function in blood leukocytes, most likely by alleviating oxidative damage to cellular DNA and protein
Young and geriatric healthy female Beagle dogs were fed 0 or 20 mg astaxanthin daily for 16 weeks to examine modulation of mitochondrial function.
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Effects of DHA on puppies’ neurocognitive development

Fortification with fish oils rich in DHA improves cognitive, memory, psychomotor, immunologic and retinal functions in growing dogs
The objective of this study was to assess effects of foods fortified with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)–rich fish oil on cognitive, memory, psychomotor, immunologic and retinal function and other measures of development in healthy puppies.
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Veterinarian addresses common petfood myths

Veterinarian dispells pet owners' misconceptions about petfood ingredients
Because pet owners can receive misguided information on the Internet about what they should be feeding their pets, Dr. Trish Kirby, a veterinarian, is dispelling some common myths about petfood ingredients and selecting the best petfood. Dr. Kirby says a common myth is that pet owners believe they should avoid all petfood diets that include by-products. 
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Petfood Industry hosts successful first Petfood Forum China

Second Petfood Forum China conference confirmed for Friday, August 23, 2013.
  Petfood Industry and WATT successfully held the first WATT Petfood Forum China on October 12, at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, in Shanghai, China. Petfood Forum China's 170 attendees from China, Japan, Thailand, the US and Europe had the chance to listen to a variety of educational sessions, covering topics from pet nutrition to petfood regulation and safety to petfood packaging.   
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Yucca schidigera: Latin for odor-reducing petfood ingredient

Besides helping control fecal odor, this functional ingredient might have other nutritional and health benefits for pets
Periodically one finds an ingredient called Yucca schidigera extract on the label of a petfood—and not just on dog and cat food labels. You might even find it on ferret and rabbit food labels; and for those of you who consider your horse a pet, you may see it in horse feeds.
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Avure offers HPP raw meat protein on-demand webinar

Webinar demonstrates benefits high-pressure processing for raw meat protein
Avure Technologies offers an on-demand webinar video for meat processors in the petfood industry looking to learn more about high-pressure processing of raw meat protein. The webinar, "HPP Applications for Raw Protein," demonstrates how high-pressure processing can help achieve extended shelf life, improvements in meat color and texture, improved tenderness and more.
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AFIA to host petfood Import/Export Seminar in December

Seminar will discuss regulatory trade requirements with various government agencies
The American Feed Industry Association will host the Import/Export Seminar, December 4-5, in Arlington, Virginia, USA, to educate and discuss with industry members the regulatory trade requirements for petfood, feed and ingredient industries. Participants will learn about current constraints, hear regional trade updates, and learn about the roles and resources of different government agencies.
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Ingredient scarcity calls for innovative solutions

After one of the worst droughts in US history this past summer, along with hot, dry weather in other parts of the world, it's no surprise that projections for crop supplies are continuing to decline. According to BloombergBusinessweek, a new report from the International Grains Council projects global corn production for the 2012-2013 harvest year to come in at 833 million metric tons, down from August's prediction of 838 million metric tons and 2011-2012's actual crop of 875 million metric tons.
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