Pet Food Regulations

Lawsuit claims Purina tuna suppliers harm, kill dolphins

The lawsuit alleges that one source of Purina’s fish, the Thai Union Group, uses purse seine nets and longlines to catch tuna.
The plaintiffs allege that tuna in Purina’s Fancy Feast supply chain may have been caught using fishing techniques that harm, stress and sometimes kill dolphins, along with sea turtles, sharks and other animals.
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AFIA opposes proposed pet treat weight labeling rule

As opposed to the proposed regulation, AFIA officials noted that many states already adopt a form of the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ Model Bill from the AAFCO Official Publication for the regulation of animal food.
The American Feed Industry Association criticized a proposed pet treat regulation that would require labeling by weight of all pet treats.
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FDA drops pet food ingredient compliance policy guide

The FDA said the action will clarify for animal food manufacturers the agency’s regulatory policies and expectations for the use of materials from dead or downer animals.
The FDA reiterated that the use of rendered ingredients in many pet foods, including canned pet food, can provide a safe source of fat and protein.
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Pentobarbital pet food ingredients sold after FDA warning

FDA issued a warning letter to JBS Souderton about pentobarbital traces found in JBS’ Souderton, Pennsylvania rendering facility in August 2018.
JBS Souderton continued to sell pentobarbital-contaminated tallow to pet food companies after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had alerted the pet food ingredient supplier.
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