Pet Food Labeling

Freeze-dried, refrigerated/frozen petfoods continue strong growth

Natural category accounts for 79% of all new items introduced in 2014, says GfK
The natural food category, which has been driving the petfood market for over 10 years, continues to spawn trends that rise and fall on much shorter timeframes—challenging manufacturers and retailers to keep pace while making a profit, according to GfK's latest data.
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Merrick releases infographic on organic petfood

Topics include value and importance, misconceptions about USDA label
Merrick Pet Care has developed an infographic for its Castor & Pollux Organix brand highlighting organic food and how much it matters to pet parents.
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Meat species study: Some petfoods may be mislabeled

Some petfoods contained meats not on label, says researchers
Researchers in Chapman University’s Food Science Program have published a study focused on commercial petfoods marketed for dogs and cats to identify meat species present as well as any instances of mislabeling.
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