Pet Food Labeling

Calorie content declarations on petfood labels: What’s the best method?

With new requirements for calorie content statements on the horizon, what’s the best method to determine ME?
As previously reported, recent amendments to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Model Regulations for Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food will require calorie content statements on all dog and cat food labels within the next few years (the exact time frame for compliance is still to be determined). There currently are two AAFCO-accepted methods upon which to determine and report metabolizable energy (ME).
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Genetically modified food labeling to be voted on in Washington, USA

State legislators to vote on Initiative 522 in November
Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods will be voted on in November by state legislators in Washington, USA, where a new initiative was recently introduced. If passed, Initiative 522, or "The People's Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act," would require that agricultural commodities and processed foods containing genetically engineered ingredients must be labeled accordingly. 
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Pet owners confused on pet nutrition, petfood labeling, petMD finds

Survey on pet nutrition finds some pet owners are unsure about how to properly feed their pets
A recent petMD survey about pet nutrition found that pet owners are confused about the nutritional needs of their dogs and cats. Although 57 percent of pet owners surveyed said they look at petfood labels for information about the petfood's ingredients, the survey found pet owners often misinterpret the information on the labels.
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Petfood predictions for 2013

Regulation amendments and labeling changes may be ahead in the new year.
What's ahead in the new year for petfoods? A number of issues, both at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO) levels, seem to have lingered on for years. That's not terribly surprising, as by its nature the regulatory process is "deliberate" (i.e., "slow").
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Petfood labeling, petfood safety webinars to be hosted in December

Extru-Tech to sponsor webinar, December 11, with experts on petfood safety
On December 11, WATT/Petfood Industry will broadcast a webinar on petfood safety, sponsored by Extru-Tech Inc. The webinar, called “FSMA is coming tomorrow – what you need to do today” will start at 9 a.m. CT. 
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California voters reject Prop. 37 food labeling initiative

No on 37 campaign argued proposition was misleading, costly and unnecessary.
On election day, voters in California, USA, rejected Proposition 37, an initiative aimed at providing consumers with information about genetically engineered food. If passed, the initiative would have mandated that processed foods no longer be labeled as "natural," and retailers would be responsible for ensuring all processed foods containing any covered any covered material are identified as “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering” or “May be Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering.”
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No GMO labeling required for petfoods (yet)

While Prop #37 failed to pass in California this time around, the concept of such label disclosure is not likely to go away
For readers outside of California who do not follow state election issues, there was an initiative on the November 6th ballot that, if passed, would have had profound effects on petfood labeling nationwide. The “California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act,” better known as Prop #37, enjoyed an early lead in the polls with over 70% of the state population supporting the measure. However, a reported $45.6 million negative campaign apparently swayed voters otherwise, so in the end it lost with approximately 47% in favor and 53% opposed (at last count).
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Petfood and food labeling initiative on California ballot defeated

Proposition 37, an initiative on the California election ballot that would have required manufacturers and retailers to label any products made with genetically modified ingredients and prohibited use of the label claim "natural" for any processed food products (including petfoods), has been defeated. As of the latest election results on Wednesday, November 7, the ballot measure trailed 53% to 47%, with 98% of the vote counted, according to Silicon Valley
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