Pet Food Labeling

4 top influences on pet food purchases, nutrition info #1

Overall, pet owners craved information about the nutritional value of pet products and wanted that information clearly and abundantly presented on pet food packaging.
Four factors most influence pet owners’ decisions to purchase particular pet foods in a survey by pet food packaging manufacturer Luminer.
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4 probiotics used in pet food may be renamed by AAFCO

A working group of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) proposed reclassifying several species of microorganism used as probiotics in pet food.
These proposed changes still need to be accepted by the AAFCO membership at large before taking effect.
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Small pet food follows humanization, therapeutic trends

Small animal pet food trends included therapeutic or functional ingredients, superfoods, sustainability and documented sourcing of agricultural products.
Trends seen in the cat and dog food market also influence new products in the pet pig, bird, rabbit, hen, ferret and other small animal foods markets.
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