Pet Food Market Trends

Latin America pet care market grows

Spending on pet products increased 44% in last five years, Euromonitor reports
Pet care in emerging markets is booming as pet ownership rises among the middle class, an article in the Economist says. Specifically, Latin America’s spending on petfood and pet products increased 44% in the last five years to US$11 billion, according to Euromonitor.
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Chinese petfood manufacturers look to expand in growing market

China's petfood industry grows while manufacturers look for overseas growth opportunities
As urbanization and changing lifestyles make more Chinese citizens into pet owners, China's petfood industry is expanding to meet the need for a wider-variety of petfood and pet product offerings. Pet owners in China now have a variety of petfood brands from which to choose, making quality and branding even more important for petfood companies that want to make their products stand out in this growing marketplace.  
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Fresh and frozen: the perfect petfood?

California's innovative My Perfect Pet is doing its best to spread its message of 'healthier food means happier pets' with Petco's help
Like many pioneering petfood makers before her, Karen Scoggins first started researching pet diets and nutrition when her dog, Hunter, became suddenly ill in late 2006. Within weeks of his passing headlines around the world announced the largest petfood recall in history.
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How-to: Monitor your petfood brand’s reputation with social networking

With consumer trust faltering and misinformation on the Internet running rampant, learning the who, what and how of online tracking is critical
It’s a fact: Almost all consumers are online and sharing their opinions on your brand, your products, your ingredients and your philosophy, no matter what their credentials. According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project survey, just 18% of Americans said they never use the Internet.
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Preview: Virtual Petfood Forum 2011

Making safe petfood in today's rapidly changing environment is the focus of the upcoming live and online pet-industry event
If you need to know more about petfood safety, especially how the new Food Safety Modernization Act will affect petfood regulations, be sure to sign up for Virtual Petfood Forum 2011, taking place live online, Wednesday, October 26, 2011. Under the new FSMA law, petfood will fall under much of the same regulations and scrutiny as human foods.
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Market research publisher expands pet industry report offerings

IBISWorld offers reports on nine market segments including petfood production
Market research publisher IBISWorld expanded its pet industry report offerings to include specific market segment reports, including those on petfood production and dry petfood production. The company provides reports on nine categories of the pet care industry: dog and pet breeders, dog walking services, dry petfood production, pet accessories stores, petfood production, pet funeral services, pet insurance and pet play rooms.
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Market update: Superpremium petfood post-recession

Are consumers still willing to spend for gourmet, human-grade and functional petfoods while pinching pennies in these lean economic times?
Premium petfoods—defined by Packaged Facts as those priced at least 10% above the category average—accounted for 40% of petfood sales in 2010, followed by regular petfood at 27% and value petfood at 14%, with treats comprising the remaining 18% of sales. On both the dog and cat sides of the market, the premium share of sales has contracted a bit with the recession while the regular and value segments have risen a notch or two.
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Market Report: Supplements and foods as preventive pet health remedies

Petfood marketers emphasize health and wellness to communicate value to consumers
Packaged Facts’ March 2011 report, Pet Food in the US, 9th Edition, shows the underpinnings of the US pet industry are strong, and the outlook is especially good for all things related to pet health. In the case of pet supplements and petfood, this is true to such a degree that some pet owners view these products as safer, holistic alternatives to pet medications.
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Colgate executives report Hill's Pet second quarter earnings

Organic growth in pet segment boosts second quarter growth
Colgate-Palmolive, parent company of Hill's Pet Nutrition, held an earnings call on July 28, to discuss the company's second quarter 2011 results. The company is focused on organic sales growth in emerging markets, where the highest quarterly growth in one year was recorded, helped by strong organic growth in the Hill's pet segment, according to Bina Thompson, president of investor relations.
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Fresh butcher meat fuels a new petfood trend

Consumers feed their dogs locally-sourced meats in new petfood trend.
A new trend in petfood has consumers turning to the butcher for fresh meat to feed their pets. One retailer, Albright Farms, in Monkton, Maryland, USA, offers cuts of meat and bones specifically for pets.
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