Pet Food Market Trends


Using social media to promote your petfood brand

How—and why—to connect with consumers on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms
As any petfood professional knows, success takes an investment of time, money and effort. Social media is quickly becoming a new cornerstone for branding, sales growth and PR, but what exactly is the real value of social media?
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Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation to provide petfood to those in need

Will assist families with keeping, taking care of pets
The Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation is expanding its services to pet owners in need by making petfood available to those who are struggling to provide for their animals. The Federation's petfood program will begin on January 1; pet owners will be able to acquire petfood through the distribution channels already in place for the organization's other services.
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Americans spend more money on pets than children

Pet owners shell out thousands for presents around holidays
Americans are spending more money on their pets than their children, according to a blog on The Telegraph's (UK) website. The pet market, which includes petfood as well as accessories and toys, is growing and outstripping the children's toy market, particularly around the holidays.
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Connecting with pet owners online

How can your company work with today's connected and involved consumers whose perceptions are often shaped by online resources?
Today's pet owners are increasingly aware and interested in how their pets' food is made. Some even share their perceptions online and by word of mouth. How can you work with these highly involved consumers?
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Petco launches mobile site for on-the-go shopping

Offers mobile access to Petco products, pet care information
Petco launched a customized mobile website for shopping and pet care information online and on-the-go. Powered by Digby's Mobile Software Platform, the new site offers 24-hour mobile access to Petco's products with photographs, customer reviews, a store locator and online purchasing capabilities.    
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Reducing your carbon footprint

Ways to save on utilities and other costs while reducing the amount of waste and emissions from your plant
Cutting back on the amount of waste, pollution and damage we do to the earth on a daily basis as individuals can seem like a daunting task, but when you try applying those same practices to your manufacturing processes, it can seem insurmountable. Not only is it important for the future of the industry to learn to adapt, it's also important to let consumers know your company is working hard to make 'green' changes to your production lines and manufacturing facilities - not just your packaging and ingredients.
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Something to Chew On: Presaging consumer behavior for 2011

Market research firms look into their crystal balls and identify consumer trends that might have important implications for our industry
For better or worse, I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, and I find most lists predicting what will happen in the coming year to be fairly trite and, well, predictable. (Sorry, bad pun.) But I do pay attention to ones from market research firms like Packaged Facts and Mintel, because I think they identify consumer trends that have important implications for our industry.
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Chickens: new opportunity for the pet treat industry?

Treats for chickens (as opposed to chicken treats for dogs and cats) are becoming popular
Recently, a commentary in the op-ed section of a local newspaper proclaimed chickens to be “the new black.” Apparently, keeping poultry has become increasingly popular among the less agriculturally inclined in the US, not only in the suburbs but with the big city folk, too.
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Something to Chew On: Making the case for pets

More and more experts think the benefits to humans of owning pets can be quantified and backed by scientific research
Those of us who love, live with and/or work with pets know intuitively the many benefits they bring to people. But can those benefits be quantified and backed by sound, scientific research?
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Something to Chew On: Joining the App revolution

Petfood Industry is launching an App for the iPhone and iPad. Should you be doing the same for your brand?
Once upon a time, not all that long ago, a mobile phone did what its name said: It let users talk on the phone while on the move, away from the house or office. Soon most of these phones gained the capability to also send text messages, take photos and play music. And now more and more people around the world have so-called smart phones.
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