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Market update: natural and organic petfood

The latest data from Packaged Facts on hot trends and what the future holds for the US natural and organic pet market
US retail sales of natural pet products had been growing at teen double-digit rates since 2002, but during 2007 sales leapt 43%, according to the Packaged Facts Natural, Organic and Eco-Friendly Pet Products in the US report. As major marketers of petfood stormed mass channels with line extensions and new brands, including Iams with Healthy Naturals and Mars with Goodlife Recipe, mass-market sales of petfood surged more than 500%, while sales in the pet specialty channel (where the large majority of natural petfood sales still occur) rose 15% as new and existing brands continued to trend toward natural.  
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Something to Chew On: Consumers no longer a captive, passive audience

Much of the media coverage of petfood safety and recalls has sprung from heightened interest by consumers
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has posted an online FAQ about the recent spate of Salmonella-related petfood recalls online FAQ. I for one am glad to see it and especially gratified that the very first entry attributes the rise in recent incidents to increased awareness, renewed vigilance by petfood companies and regulatory authorities and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Reportable Food Registry.
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Bringing sustainable ingredients to petfood

Companies like The Honest Kitchen, Pulse Canada and Mars Petcare are making "green" ingredients a top priority
For the environmentally conscious consumers who have done it all, from greening their homes to decarbonizing their travel, there’s a new frontier: greening their pets. In June, Petfood Industry conducted a survey of our petfood professional readers and asked them about their thoughts on sustainability and the pet market.
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The possibilities of probiotics in petfood

A scientist from Kemin Nutrisurance explains the benefits of "good" bacteria and their potential as supplements in petfood
It’s no secret that bacteria have a bad rap. With constant marketing of hand gels, soaps, wipes and other personal antibacterial products, it’s not surprising that most of the non-scientific public fears bacteria.
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New product development for future petfood markets

Are key drivers of new product development for petfood and pet treats changing?
Innovation has become a key business process and is seen as essential for business growth and development. “The aim of the innovation/new product development process is to start with a collection of many ad-hoc ideas and finish with a selection of a few defined ideas to present to the market place,” explained John Adams of Adams Developments in his Petfood Forum 2009 presentation on new product development.
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Research: What's in store for pet retail

Read more of Dr. Mukund Parthasarathy's insights on the changing petfood retail market and how it affects petfood manufacturers large and small
With the deepening recession, credit crunch, and with consumers becoming frugal, the retail channels are responding to the new realities. With unemployment reaching double digits and fewer jobs being created consumers have changed their shopping habits. 
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More from paws with a cause

Learn about more companies and how they are lending a helping paw and claw to their own cause campaigns
America's VetDogs Veteran's K-9 Corps has licensed Bil-Jac Foods, Inc. for dog treats. America's VetDogs Dog Treats launched at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA. 
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Mid-year global petfood sales trends

Industry players are revamping their offerings to cater to the changing global pet trade
Euromonitor International's latest research, published in June 2010, expects the global petfood industry to see steady retail value growth in 2010 despite continued global economic uncertainty. Major markets maintained more than respectable retail value gains as petfood reinforced itself as an essential item for consumers, according to research from Packaged Facts in their report U.S. Pet Food Market Perspective and Prospects, 2010-2011.
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Survey: consumers drive sustainability in petfood

An industry survey shows petfood companies are responding to consumer demand but have some concerns
“Top consumer groups turn to sustainability.” That was the headline for an article by Bill Roth, president of NCCT, a San Francisco-based consulting firm specializing in sustainability marketing and business strategies. Roth, writing about last year’s Sustainable Brands Conference, was referring to US youth, women and CEOS. Representing an annual buying power of about US$10 trillion, these three consumer groups are “shifting their purchasing criteria toward sustainability,” Roth wrote.
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Something to Chew On: Petfood stands strong at Interzoo

A large portion of the stands at this global pet trade fair displayed petfood products or supplies
Everyone in the world who has anything to do with the pet industry converged on Nuremberg, Germany, the week of May 10—or at least that’s how it seemed. Actually, more than 38,000 pet trade visitors from 117 countries attended Interzoo 2010, according to its organizers, in addition to 1,052 companies from 53 countries exhibiting their products for cats, dogs, small mammals, birds, fish and reptiles or supplies for companies manufacturing those products.
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