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Korean foods inspire fermented chicken dog snacks

Korean scientists drew on their own culinary culture to inspire their work developing a method to ferment mechanically deboned chicken meat (MDCM) for use in dog treats.
Fermented chicken could serve as a functional ingredient in dog treats and snacks.
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UK pet food market forecast at GBP2.9 bil in 2020

58% dog food buyers aged 16-24 believe it is healthier to limit red meat in their dogs’ diets, compared to just 30% of dog food buyers aged 45+.
Mintel’s analysts surveyed 2,000 pet owners in the United Kingdom in May 2019. 40% dog food buyers aged 16-24 are in favor of regularly dishing up plant-based meals, compared to just 21% of owners aged 55+.
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52% of pet owners influenced by natural ingredient claims

Pet owners responded that they most prefer labeling messages that refer to “supporting a healthy and balanced digestive system” and “promoting digestive health naturally.”
Pet food ingredient supplier BENEO surveyed 2,500 pet owners in Germany, the UK, the US, China and Brazil about their attitudes towards health and wellness trends in pet food and functional pet food ingredients.
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Scotch whisky co-product feeds algae for pet food omega-3

Leftovers from Scotch whisky distillation got another shot as nourishment for algae that scientists processed into a pet food ingredient.
Algae grown on pot ale, a co-product of the liquor industry, could replace fish as a source of omega-3 fatty acids in both human and pet food.
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Pet food sustainability established beyond trend level

Some in the pet food industry follow a stewardship strategy to conserve the ecosystems that support their businesses.
Pet food companies have found innovative ways to meet their obligation to the future. However, challenges remain, especially when consumer demands contradict each other.
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Holistic dog food: promising category in Mexico

K9 Master Dog Nutrition was a pioneer in the holistic pet food category in Mexico, which has strong prospects.
The growing holistic pet food category in Mexico, led by pioneer K9 Master Dog Nutrition, appeals to owners with dogs sensitive to other pet foods.
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Insect age influences pet food ingredient qualities

Insect farmers may choose to harvest at a particular age or larval stage depending on the product they want to sell.
Insect-based pet food formulators may derive different nutrient profiles from a particular species by harvesting the insects at different stages of development.
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Pet food market access key to Addiction Foods’ success

International growth and a private label division have helped this superpremium pet food company continue to expand in the global pet food market.
International growth and a private label division have helped superpremium pet food company Addiction Foods continue to expand in the global pet food market.
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