Natural / Organic Pet Food

Raw petfood makes the news

Continued controversy likely with release of new documents, but practice of raw feeding expected to remain
The feeding of raw petfood has been a controversy for decades. Both sides of the discussion have their extremist factions, with some believing it is the ultimately healthful means of feeding dogs and cats and others convinced it constitutes a wholly unwarranted risk to the health of both pets and the people feeding them.
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Southern Tier Pet Nutrition announces new capital partner

Siena Lending Group completed three-year US$2.45 million senior secured credit facility
Siena Lending Group LLC announced the completion of a three-year US$2.45 million senior secured credit facility for Southern Tier Pet Nutrition LLC on October 17. The facility will be used to support the company’s working capital and capital expenditure needs.
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Latest human food trends parallel petfood trends (or vice versa)

Petfood product development follows human food trends by only "half a step," said David Sprinkle, research director and publisher with Packaged Facts, during a Petfood Forum 2013 presentation. That was just three months ago; judging by information presented at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo this week, I am beginning to think that perhaps petfood has already caught up and is marching in lock step with human food in many areas.
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What does latest big petfood company merger mean for the industry?

It's become almost a cliche to characterize the petfood and pet care markets as "recession resilient," but the fact is, these industries have weathered the strong economic headwinds of the past five years better than most consumer goods industries, with continued global annual growth of about 4%. That fact has not gone unnoticed by investment funds and the overall private equity community, as noted by Pets International magazine and Cascadia Capital, an independent investment bank that includes petfood and other pet product companies among its investments and transactions.
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Market update: The premium petfood shopper survives

Natural, organic and gourmet products keep consumers willing to pay higher prices for their pet's food in the US
According to Packaged Facts’ US Pet Market Outlook, 2012–2013, despite any money-saving tradeoffs pet owners may be making, premium products remain a fact of life in the US pet market, as do premium product shoppers. As of 2010, US households earning US$70,000 or more account for 51% of the aggregate pet market expenditure and Packaged Facts believes these consumers are footing the lion’s share of the bill for premium pet products.
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Hill’s launches new Ideal Balance natural petfood brand

New line of dog and cat food is first new petfood brand from Hill’s since 1968
Hill’s Pet Nutrition unveiled its new Hill’s Ideal Balance line of dog and cat food. The new petfood brand, which features natural ingredients, is the first new petfood brand from Hill’s since the launch of Science Diet in 1968.
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Wellness natural petfood brand launches TV ad campaign

Natural petfood company debuts first commercial in more than two years on US cable networks
WellPet LLC recently premiered its Wellness natural petfood brand's first TV commercial in more than two years, on cable networks in the US. The 30- and 15-second commercial spots feature a lively, healthy Border Collie, named Wellsy, which the company says represents the vibrancy a pet can achieve on a natural petfood diet. 
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Petfood manufacturer Natural Balance sponsors Rose Bowl parade float

"Canines with Courage" float honors working military dogs
Petfood manufacturer Natural Balance sponsored a float in the 2013 Rose Bowl parade honoring military working dogs. The Rose Bowl parade, held in Pasadena, California, USA, featured the petfood maker's "Canines with Courage" float, on which four handlers and their dogs rode, representing the US Air Force, Army and Marines.
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