Natural / Organic Pet Food

Canidae unveils new natural petfood manufacturing facility

Ethos Pet Nutrition facility in Texas, USA, features latest in modern production, laboratory equipment
Canidae Natural Pet Food Company unveiled its new petfood manufacturing facility named Ethos Pet Nutrition, located in Brownwood, Texas, USA. In March 2011, the company purchased an existing extrusion plant and has spent the last year "...completely re-building the facility to be the most modern natural petfood plant of its kind," according to director of operations, Frank Hon. 
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Holistic Select adds new grain-free dog, cat food formulas

Two new canine formulas, one new feline formula support pets' digestive health
Natural petfood manufacturer Holistic Select added new grain-free canine and feline formulas to its diet offerings. The new canine petfood formulas include Grain-Free Adult & Puppy Health Salmon and Anchovy & Sardine Meal Recipe; new feline formulas include Grain-Free Indoor Health/Weight Control Turkey, Chicken and Herring Meals Recipe.
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Online petfood retailer offers new holistic dog food

Pets Plus USA offers new Natural Holistic Dog Food with premium ingredients
Pets Plus USA, an online retailer of natural, holistic dog food, recently launched a new selection of Natural Holistic Dog Food in new flavors with added nutrition.  The new, Pets Plus Natural Holistic Dog Food uses premium petfood ingredients with no fillers or byproducts.  
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Petfood product development: good and bad for consumers

Continued development of natural, premium, functional and wellness products helps the industry and pet owners, but some experts see a downside
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” At the heart of that tried and true saying is the philosophy that nearly every problem can become an opportunity—a concept that businesspeople, including those in our industry, know well.
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Natural petfood company offers grants to enhance local dog parks

Nutro Company's ROOM TO RUN dog park appreciation project will award 30 grants to improve dog parks across the US
The Nutro Company, a manufacturer of natural petfood products, is teaming up with country singer Sara Evans to encourage dog owners nationwide to apply for grant support to help enhance their local dog parks during the third annual ROOM TO RUN dog park appreciation project. ROOM TO RUN, now in its third year, is a community program designed to support public, nonprofit dog parks and off-leash areas and encourage greater community engagement. 
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Lactic acid: magic bullet for petfood safety?

Natural, label friendly and well liked by cats and dogs, lactic acid is relatively easy to incorporate into pet diets for controlling microbial growth
With the advent of the Food Safety Modernization Act, manufacturers of extruded and baked petfood and pet treats feel like they have their necks under a knife’s edge. To some, that may seem overly dramatic, especially given the blade at their neck is held by the smallest of creatures: Salmonella.
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Nature's remedies from Healthy Dogma

Learn how this family-owned start-up has shifted its focus from healing dogs with serious illnesses with supplements, to helping healthy dogs stay healthy with unique ingredients
The dictionary defines "dogma" as an authoritative creed within a group or organization. For Healthy Dogma, a family-owned petfood brand newly introduced this year and based in Michigan, the dogma is all-natural, unique ingredients such as kelp, medicinal mushrooms, colostrum, flax seed, tart cherry extract and probiotics in petfood premixes, treats and supplements for dogs. "Both our treats and kelp supplements are in reusable plastic cups and are top shelf safe for the dishwasher," says Darby Peters, vice president of marketing for Healthy Dogma.
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Betaine: natural ingredient for next generation of petfoods

In petfoods, betaine can provide a partial choline supply from beet juice
Betaine has become more common in pet diets in the last decade as natural and unique ingredients have become the driving force behind new petfoods. Betaine is a nearly pure chemical nutrient that hails from natural origins, and it certainly isn’t mainstream.
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Canidae Natural Pet Food Co. unveils new manufacturing facility

Ethos Pet Nutrition facility to complete final quality assurance tests in May
Canidae Natural Pet Food Company announced its unveiling of a new petfood manufacturing facility named Ethos Pet Nutrition located in Brownwood, Texas, USA. In March 2011, the petfood company purchased an existing extrusion plant and, according to director of operations, Frank Hon, spent the last year "...completely re-building the facility to be the most modern natural pet food plant of its kind."
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For petfood, true innovation now lies behind the scenes

For Interzoo 2012, the organizer of the event -- arguably the largest pet trade show in the world -- invited me to give a presentation during the show's international press conference. While honored and flattered by the invitation, I was also rather nervous, initially, because of the requested topic: innovation in petfood and treats.
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