Natural / Organic Pet Food

Merrick acquires natural, organic petfood company Castor & Pollux

Acquisition allows Merrick to expand its petfood brand into the super-premium petfood segment
Merrick Pet Care Inc. signed an agreement to acquire Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks, a privately held natural and organic petfood company based in Oregon, USA. Although specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, Merrick Pet Care says the acquisition of Castor & Pollux further advances its key growth strategies of expanding the company’s brands in the super-premium petfood segment and allows for greater utilization of its manufacturing facilities located in Hereford, Texas, USA.
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Pet supply chain caters to nutrition-conscious pet owners

Owner Brad Kriser says he aims to be the "Whole Foods of the pet world"
Brad Kriser, owner of Feeding Pets for Life LLC, says he’s trying to attract pet owners to his pet supply chain by providing pet nutrition-conscious customers with a wide variety of all-natural, organic and human-grade petfoods and pet treats. Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and Los Angeles, California, USA, the stores feature an assortment of brands of natural dog and cat food, as well as upscale pet toys and clothing and unique items like bison-tendon treats and duck-feet snacks. 
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Bloomberg reviews 'human-grade' petfoods for appearance, taste

Petfoods with "human-grade" ingredients may not be as palatable as they seem, taste tester finds
All-natural dog food, including foods that meet Association of American Feed Control Officials' requirements to claim “human-grade,” make up 10 percent of all sales in the US$18.9 billion petfood industry, according to Packaged Facts. To determine what this "human-grade" dog food really tastes like to humans, Lucy Postins, founder of petfood company The Honest Kitchen, says her employees sample every ingredient when formulating a new dog food recipe.   
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Natural petfood company, pet advice center launched in Bahrain

Company offers petfood delivery and free pet nutrition, behavior advice to customers
Bahrain's first all-natural petfood brand, Tails, was recently launched by co-founders Ahmed Al Sharaf and Najat Tarradah, who also offer petfood delivery and animal nutrition advice. The company says it aims to provide healthy petfood, which is free of preservatives, added colors and flavors, and uses 100 percent natural ingredients consisting of fruit, vegetables, meat and fresh chicken.
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Natural Pet Marketplace opens new petfood warehouse

Online petfood delivery store's new 20,000-square-foot warehouse located in Greely, Colorado, USA
Natural Pet Marketplace, an online store that delivers health-conscious petfood, recently opened its new 20,000-square-foot warehouse in Greeley, Colorado, USA. The online pet retailer, founded in 2011, says its new warehouse location was developed to keep up with the consistent and expected future growth in the petfood industry.
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Breaking new ground with Fromm Family Foods

With over 100 years in the petfood industry, Fromm continues to prove its reputation as a quiet innovator, but is ready to make some noise
Since 1904, Fromm Family Foods has maintained a tradition of quiet innovation dedicated to the health and nutrition of animals, proudly declares the company website. In the 1930s, Fromm introduced the first canine distemper vaccine, and in 1949 it introduced the concept of premium petfood to the consumer market, claims the company.
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New all-natural dog food company ships petfood nationwide in US

DooD petfood makes all-natural dog food to help manage a pet's health
A new petfood company, DooD, recently entered into the pet industry with its all-natural dog food shipped right to the pet owner's home. Dood petfood, a combination of the words "dog" and "food," was formed by Alireza Niroomand and brother-in-law, Andrea Carrano, after struggling with managing the stomach and health issues of their own dogs.
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Canidae petfood founders honored with California, USA, entrepreneur award

Petfood company founders named as recipients of the Inland Empire Spirit of the Entrepreneur award
Canidae was recently named among recipients of the Inland Empire Spirit of the Entrepreneur award. The natural petfood company was started by John Gordon and Scott Whipple as a way to keep their petfood store in business after a national petfood chain store moved into the neighborhood.
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