Natural / Organic Pet Food

Raw petfood and the industry part of the same team

Geoff Bowers of K9 Natural says all facets of the industry need to work together and realize consumers need options
In the opinion of Geoff Bowers, founder and director of K9Natural, since the 1950s pet owners all over the world have been convinced that feeding cats and dogs is difficult and they need expert help. “Fortunately, with the Internet and its access to unsolicited information, people are realizing that’s not the case,” he says.
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K9 Natural ensures raw petfood is here to stay

By focusing on dogs and cats as its customers, this New Zealand company is growing dramatically and helping the raw category surge
When most petfood manufacturers talk about their customers, they’re referring to the human buyers—pet owners, retailers or distributors—of their products. “At K9 Natural, we do the opposite,” says founder and director Geoff Bowers.
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New petfood products: What comes after humanization?

In developing new products, look to human foods for ideas
It seems that the days of humanization being only about petfood products that look just like human foods may be coming to an end. That does not mean that we will not continue to see more products on the market that do, in fact, look like human food.
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Colorado, USA natural petfood maker raises US$3.5 million

Only Natural Pet Store files with Securities and Exchange Commission in September
Only Natural Pet Store LLC, a Boulder, Colorado, USA natural petfood maker and distributor, raised US$3.5 million, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing made on September 16, the Boulder County Business Report said. Only Natural Pet Store CEO Martin Grosjean declined to comment at that time, saying the company will make a detailed announcement in the next few weeks.
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The mother of all petfood trends: grain free

The most recent "Market Report" column from Packaged Facts discusses how petfood and treat marketers continue to focus on health and wellness in their new product development, a strategy that keeps paying off because the message seems to resonate with today's involved consumers who treat their pets as family members.
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Natural petfood market follows human market growth

Sales of natural foods—for pets and humans—continue to grow despite a sluggish economy
Despite continuing economic woes in some regions and markets—and consumers still spending conservatively no matter what their financial situations—sales of natural foods, petfoods and other products continue to grow. Consider this: US sales of natural foods and beverages rose 7.7% in 2010 to US$21.3 billion in natural stores alone, according to Natural Foods Merchandiser and described by A. Elizabeth Sloan in the July issue of Food Technology magazine.
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Veterinarian clarifies natural, organic petfood label terms

Veterinarian urges consumers to read petfood labels when choosing a food
Petfood ingredient labels can be confusing to pet owners because certain terms have no legal definition. Ernest Ward, veterinarian and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, says pet owners need to do their research when selecting what to feed their dog or cat. Ward says there is no official definition for the term "natural," which could mean anything that is not syntheic, but does not guarantee the product's quality or nutritional value.
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Greenopia's consumer tips on natural petfood selection

Greenopia research director tells consumers what too look for in organic, natural petfoods
A popular trend in the petfood industry is consumers' recent demands for natural and organic petfoods. In an article from, Doug Mazeffa, research director at, offers tips to consumers on selecting a "green" petfood.  
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Market update: Superpremium petfood post-recession

Are consumers still willing to spend for gourmet, human-grade and functional petfoods while pinching pennies in these lean economic times?
Premium petfoods—defined by Packaged Facts as those priced at least 10% above the category average—accounted for 40% of petfood sales in 2010, followed by regular petfood at 27% and value petfood at 14%, with treats comprising the remaining 18% of sales. On both the dog and cat sides of the market, the premium share of sales has contracted a bit with the recession while the regular and value segments have risen a notch or two.
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Stella & Chewy's to relocate natural petfood plant

Company plans October move to larger Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, facility
Stella & Chewy’s will relocate from its current natural petfood production plant in Muskego, Wisconsin, USA, to a larger petfood manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company currently has about 40 full-time employees and occupies a 17,000-square-foot space in Muskego, but recently leased a 48,862-square-foot facility from Lassman Family Ltd. Partnership.
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