Natural / Organic Pet Food

Dr. Harvey's launches natural petfood, pet products video series

Videos on YouTube, Web explain natural petfood and chemical-free products
Dr. Harvey's holistic petfood company launched a YouTube video series on pet health, as well as the importance of feeding an all-natural petfood diet and using chemical-free pet products. These videos, which appear on Dr. Harvey's petfood website and on the company's YouTube channel, highlight the company's holistic pet product benefits and the philosophy behind them.
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Petfood follows organic food trends of pet owners

Human food trends carry over to pet retailer shelves
Recent trends in organic food have carried over from the plates of pet owners to the bowls of their pets. Big-box pet retailers and pet specialty stores are increasingly stocking shelves with premium, organic, locally-sourced, free-range, minimally-processed and raw petfoods to follow this trend, says a recent Los Angeles Times article.  
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Pet insurance company offers petfood and nutrition tips for consumers

Proplan clarifies 'natural' and 'organic' petfood terms, offers tips to avoid foodborne illness
Pet insurance company Petplan's online blog offers consumer guidelines on selecting a petfood, as cases of petfood contamination and recalls have become more frequent. A report from Packaged Facts predicted the sales of natural and organic petfoods to grow three times faster than regular petfoods through 2015, though the pet insurance company warns consumers that the two terms are not the same.  
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P&G expands Iams Naturals petfood line

Two dry dog food recipies introduced
Procter & Gamble's Iams petfood brand added two dry dog food recipes to its Naturals petfood line: Sensitive Naturals, and Simple & Natural. The Sensitive Naturals recipe contains ocean fish as the first ingredient, Iams says, and is ideal for dogs with ingredient sensitivities
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California, USA, natural petfood company expands production

Lotus Natural Pet Foods builds new wet petfood facility
A new line of boutique wet dog food is expanding petfood production for Lotus Natural Pet Foods, in Torrance, California, USA, according to a Packaging Digest article. The company began with a line of dry petfoods that are baked, not extruded, and made from all-natural ingredients.
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Natural Balance Pet Foods honors working canines for September 11

Contest named three working dogs as 'Hero of the Year'
Natual Balance Pet Foods sponsored a contest with Dog Fancy magazine to honor the United States' top working dogs, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 tragedy. Natural Balance's Working Canine Hero of the Year contest named three winning dogs: Air Force dog Lucky; a search-and-rescue dog named Hunter; and Renzo, a K9 with the Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, police department.
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Wysong, Green Dog partner to promote natural petfood, retailers

Green Dog Promotions to begin US campaign in July
Wysong natural petfood corp. has partnered with Green Dog Promotions LLC to promote Wysong's pet product lines as well as the company's petfood retailers. Beginning in early July, Green Dog will begin its promotional efforts in New Jersey, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, USA.
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Holistic Select natural petfood seeks pet owners for ad campaign

Casting Call contest for chance to win photoshoot, free petfood supply
Holistic Select natural petfood is offering the chance for one pet owner and their dog or cat to star in an upcoming US advertising campaign. In the Holistic Select Casting Call, the natural petfood company is searching for people who embrace a holistic lifestyle, not only in their lives, but also in their pets' lives.
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The Honest Kitchen releases petfood customer survey results

Customers say the company's petfood improved pet digestion, weight, according to the survey
The Honest Kitchen shared customer feedback from its 2011 petfood annual survey. The survey was distributed through the company’s monthly newsletter and on its Facebook page, and was completed by more than 2,500 customers.   
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Natural petfood co. donates dog treats to Utah animal sanctuary

Old Mother Hubbard donates treats through WellPet Foundation to support animal well-being
Old Mother Hubbard recently donated 3,600 bags of its Chick’n’Apples and Fish’n’Waves dog snacks to Best Friends Animal Society’s animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, USA. Old Mother Hubbard said the donation was made through the company’s WellPet Foundation, which aims to support organizations and activities dedicated to the well-being of dogs and cats.  
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