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Sunshine Mills renews 'Lassie' petfood deal with Classic Media

Lassie Natural Way line to expand pet product and food offerings
Sunshine Mills Inc. renewed its partnership with Classic Media to expand the current line of Lassie-branded pet products. Since 2007, Classic Media and Sunshine Mills have worked together on the Lassie Natural Way product line, which includes dry dog food formulated for puppies, adult dogs or senior dogs, as well as biscuits and treats.
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Site also provides insight on how pet owners can support a sustainable environment has officially opened its web-based storefront, according to co-founder Marion Elledge, who said that "the goals of are to introduce pet owners to natural, organic, eco-friendly products available on the market today, provide insight into how they can support a more sustainable environment by using these products and offer holistic, grain-free, gluten-free food and treats that are a much healthier choice than those carried in your local grocer." Initial items listed in the web store include pet products like Cycle Dog, Ecollargy, Wagging Green, and Earth Dog collars and leashes, which are made of organic materials such as soy, hemp, 100% cotton, 100% wool and bamboo.
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Dibaq grows into a natural petfood leader

With a focus on natural products, continuous improvement and R&D, the Dibaq Group is quietly becoming a global powerhouse
It’s not by chance that Dibaq has chosen the name Naturally Better for its latest and most representative branded line of premium petfood. That is also the spot-on slogan for the entire company, summarizing its major values and goals: staying natural and striving for constant improvement.
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Natura to sponsor Super Pet Expo shows in 2011

Eighth year of sponsorship for the natural petfood co.
Super Pet Expo announced that Natura Pet Products will sponsor its 2011 US pet shows. The 2011 sponsorship marks the eighth consecutive year that Natura has partnered with Super Pet Expo.
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Kaytee Products chooses recyclable packaging for natural petfood line

Paperboard packaging, natural colors, cartoon graphics reflect the petfood line, Kaytee says
When Kaytee Products Inc. launched Nature’s Benefits, a natural petfood line for birds and small animals, the company used vibrant graphics and sustainable packaging to make the products stand out. Kaytee’s design agency, Directions Inc., came up with the concept of using the emotional bond consumers and their pets have to market the petfood line on store shelves, through cartoon artwork with natural colors and muted tones.
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Small animal and bird products roundup

Internationally the small animal and bird market is teeming with innovative, healthy and marketable products that deserve a spotlight
Very often the small animal and bird sector of petfood is overshadowed by the rapidly growing and ever-adapting-to-the-human-food-market that is dog and cat food. Although these tinier creatures have smaller mouths to feed, their pet parent’s appetites for innovative, healthy and fun products for their hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits and birds continues to be ravenous.
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Calico cat lying in vineyard leaves

Market update: natural and organic petfood

The latest data from Packaged Facts on hot trends and what the future holds for the US natural and organic pet market
US retail sales of natural pet products had been growing at teen double-digit rates since 2002, but during 2007 sales leapt 43%, according to the Packaged Facts Natural, Organic and Eco-Friendly Pet Products in the US report. As major marketers of petfood stormed mass channels with line extensions and new brands, including Iams with Healthy Naturals and Mars with Goodlife Recipe, mass-market sales of petfood surged more than 500%, while sales in the pet specialty channel (where the large majority of natural petfood sales still occur) rose 15% as new and existing brands continued to trend toward natural.  
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Nothing but natural

Aunt Jeni's Home Made promotes the health and longevity of pets with their natural and raw lines of products
Aunt Jeni’s Home Made promotes the health and longevity of pets with their natural and raw lines of products
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