Natural / Organic Pet Food


209 hemp, CBD pet supplements currently on US market

NASC formed an advisory committee to examine the use of hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) as a dog, cat and other pet supplement.
Out of approximately 34 million times that hemp-derivative pet supplements have been used, only six adverse events have been reported in dogs, with one in cats and three in horses.
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Lucky & Prince: Human-grade pet food at affordable prices

This London- and Bavaria-based premium pet food company focuses on providing an affordable, ethical option for pet owners looking to feed high quality and human grade.
The premium European pet food company Lucky & Prince focuses on providing an affordable, ethical option for pet owners looking to feed high-quality and human-grade dog food.
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8 trends shape demand for pet food worldwide

Deciding which of those trends to follow allows pet food brands to differentiate themselves by appealing to specific pet owners’ demands.
Pet owners worldwide, especially younger ones, increasingly demand that their dogs, cats and other pets’ diets follow these trends.
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Lab-grown meat may provide taurine for vegan dog, cat food

Most taurine supplemented into pet food comes from industrial laboratories, knocking it out of the running for clean label.
Taurine from lab-grown meat may allow pet food formulators to make vegan and vegetarian dog and cat foods, while avoiding dilated cardiomyopathy and adhering to the clean label trend.
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Dogs and cats readily accept insect-based protein and oil

Dogs readily accepted the kibble with black soldier fly meal at up to 20% inclusion and with insect-based oil at up to 5%.
In feeding trials with both dogs and cats, pet foods made with insect-based ingredients had similar palatability and digestibility to kibble containing conventional pet food protein and oil sources.
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