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Honduran premium pet food sales fueled by humanization

Like their counterparts worldwide, Honduran pet specialty retailers have noticed pronounced growth in the market for dog, cat and other pet foods.
The demand for high-protein dog and cat foods accompanied the rise of pet humanization, especially among millennials.
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Cats and dogs respond differently to similar raw pet food

The differences in cats and dogs digestive systems was exemplified in the way that their systems responded to similar raw, high-protein diets.
Pet food formulators should remember that cats are not small dogs, said David Thomas of Massey University, during his presentation at Petfood Forum 2018.
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3 superfoods growing fast as cat food trends

Superfoods continue to grow in popularity in both human and pet foods as functional ingredients.
James Restivo, director of client development at market research group Nielsen, identified certain superfood ingredients that are popular in cat food.
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5 natural, 7 scientific traits that pet food buyers want

When consumer’s interest in a particular trend reaches 10 percent, that’s when it becomes relevant to the whole pet food market.
The list of characteristics that pet food shoppers want in products is long, contradictory and seemingly incoherent, but certain consistent trends can be parsed out.
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Treatibles growing its own hemp for its pet products

The company has partnered with master cultivators to grow organic hemp in four states.
Treatibles, recognized for superior pet products, is thrilled to announce the company has partnered with master cultivators and is now growing its own organic hemp in four states, South Carolina, Oregon, Colorado and Kentucky.
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