Natural / Organic Pet Food

Canidae responds to LA shelters vegan dog food proposal

The Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services Commissioners received a proposal to feed only vegan dog food in the city’s six dog shelters.
The proposal stated that the dog food currently being fed to the dogs, Canidae Life Stages Multi-Protein, and other meat-based dog foods include ingredients that can be harmful to dogs’ health.
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Imported organic pet food ingredients may fail US rules

USDA auditors found that imported organic farm products, including organic pet food ingredients, may fail to meet US standards for organic agriculture.
The auditors stated that the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service’s National Organic Program needed to improve its procedures.
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Invasive species grow as novel pet treat ingredients

While using invasive species in dog and cat treats allows pet food companies to make popular marketing claims, finding sources can be difficult.
Using invasive species as novel pet food ingredients allows brands to make numerous marketing claims that follow current consumer demand trends.
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