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Hill’s Pet Nutrition integrates new petfood packaging closure technology

Velcro Industries’ Press-Lok will be integrated into Science Diet petfood packaging
Petfood manufacturer Hill’s Pet Nutrition has partnered with Velcro Industries to integrate its Press-Lok closure technology into its Science Diet petfood packaging. The Press-Lok closure, designed to be more consumer friendly, has an alignment that allows the hooks to engage without precise lineup.
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Exopack’s Purina One cat food package awarded for Printing Achievement

Flexible Packaging Association honors Exopack for Kraft YES pack, cat food packaging
Exopack received the 2013 Flexible Packaging Highest Achievement Award from the Flexible Packaging Association for the development of its Kraft YES pack. Additionally, Exopack’s Nestlé Purina One cat food packaging won a Silver Award in the Printing Achievement category.
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The manufacturing line: Sustainable packaging systems

Green the process of packaging wet and dry petfoods and treats with more efficient equipment
PMMI’s “Pet Food Market Assessment 2013” describes a competitive market, where brands are striving to set themselves apart. By and large, however, petfood is generally in traditional formats—60% in multi-walled bags, for example.
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FreeHand chooses rescue dog as face of new petfood packaging

Dog from Dallas, Texas, USA, selected as winner of "New Fuzzy Face of FreeHand" Facebook contest
FreeHand, a petfood company, recently awarded a Dallas, Texas, USA, rescue dog named Leslie as the winner of the "New Fuzzy Face of FreeHand" Facebook contest winner. As winner of the contest, which aimed to encourage rescue dog adoption, Leslie will also appear on the front of the petfood company's new 5-pound, super-premium dog food bags.
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Petfood industry comes together at Petfood Forum and Workshop

Here’s your guide to these premier petfood industry events offering unmatched learning, networking and business opportunities
Learn from experts from both the petfood and human food industries during Petfood Forum 2013 and Petfood Workshop: World ofIngredients. Both conferences also offer an exclusive opportunity to network with longtime industry colleagues, key suppliers, business contacts and new acquaintances from throughout the global petfood industry, all in one place.
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Petfood Forum 2013 exhibitors

Companies registered to exhibit and the floor plan to date
Following are the exhibitors for Petfood Forum 2013 registered to date. Bookmark this page for regular updates.
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Blackwood Pet Food redesigns cat food packaging

Petfood company worked with design agency Ideas that Kick to design packaging that highlights key nutritional information
Design agency Ideas that Kick recently redesigned packaging for Blackwood Pet Food’s full line of superpremium cat foods. The new cat food packaging design highlights key nutritional information for each cat food recipe in the front and slightly off-center on each bag, making it easier for pet owners to notice on first glance. 
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Petfood can recycling program donates to animal shelter in Pennsylvania, USA

Cans for Pets program by Alcoa Foundation, Pennsylvania Resources Council recycles more than 6,500 cans to date, donates check to feed animals at local shelter.
The Alcoa Foundation and Pennsylvania Resources Council's Cans for Pets recycling campaign has recycled more than 6,500 aluminum petfood cans during its first 10 weeks and raised money to aid homeless animals at a local shelter. The Cans for Pets campaign was launched in November 2012 as a two-year effort to raise awareness and increase the total number of aluminum petfood cans recycled each year. 
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Packaging provider releases online sustainability report

PaperWorks Industries report measures company's economic, social, environmental performance in 2010-11
PaperWorks Industries Inc., a North American packaging provider, has released its first annual public sustainability report online, titled, Sustainability: It’s A Part of our Heritage. Compiled according to the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines, the report measures PaperWorks' economic, social and environmental performance in 2010 and 2011, as well as outlines challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of four different companies.
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