Pet Food Packaging

MAF side gusseted pet food bag machine

Innovations in petfood packaging

The latest bags, coatings, materials, seals, peels, openings and machinery for petfood and pet treats
Packaging is not only the final step in product marketing, but it may just be the difference that makes a consumer buy one petfood brand over another. Innovative packaging, whether it starts on the production line or ends with the handle on a hefty bag of dog food, is the key to making your brand stand out on the shelf.
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1005PETtravel1 550x175

Petfood takes a vacation

Now is the time for packagers, producers, marketers and manufacturers to capitalize on the traveling with pets trend
As the winter months start to fade to memory and the warmer months of summer approach, many pet owners, like many people the world over, will be looking forward to a weekend getaway, a relaxing trip to a tropical destination or lazy days of lounging on the beach. What makes pet owners' vacation plans different?
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Packaging for a profit

Lean processing, outsourcing and time-saving machines can help boost your bottom line
Penny-pinching is the name of the game in these times of economic crisis, and the floor of the manufacturing line is a great place to start. According to the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), more goods are made in the US today than at any time in history, though the manufacturing sector has recovered slowly from the last recession and still faces serious challenges
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