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Petfood packaging manufacturer invests in new extrusion plant in Germany

Nordenia invests in three-layer coextruding facility at Oserburken, Germany site
Petfood packaging manufacturer Nordenia International is investing nearly €3 million (US$4.35 million) to construct a new factory building for extrusion at its Osterburken, Germany, site. The building, expected to be completed in mid-July, will be the site of the company's new three-layer coextruding facility.  
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Sustainable petfood packaging: much more than a trend

If packaging waste really equates to profit waste, how are petfood manufacturers reducing, recycling and reusing for the benefit of the company and consumers alike?
By now, sustainablity should be somewhere near the top of your list of important priorities for your petfood brand. Not only do consumers look for "green" aspects of products on the shelf like ingreident sourcing, environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and recycled packaging materials, but a ssutainable plan for your company means savings for you. Though some "greening" campaigns may be nothing more than a trend in an adapting market, sustainable packaging isn't going anywhere but everywhere, and fast.
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PMMI calls for nominations in Packaging Hall of Fame 2011

Annual honor recognizes packaging professionals for industry, education contributions
PMMI announced that nominations are open for the Packaging Hall of Fame Class of 2011, which recognizes packaging professionals for contributions to the industry and packaging education. The annual honor will be presented at a reception during Pack Expo on September 26, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  
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DuPont survey reveals sustainability as greatest packaging challenge

Global survey finds companies look to improve sustainability with greater use of recycled material, weight reduction
DuPont recently conducted an online global survey of consumer packaged goods companies and packaging converters, which found that the desire for greater sustainability dominates the packaging industry. More than 500 packaging professionals were surveyed and over 40% cited sustainability as the toughest challenge, while 33% named cost as a major factor (see figure).
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Zoomark 2011 focuses on purchasing trends, new petfood products

Report released with start of show finds petfood, pet product market growth in Italy
Zoomark International 2011 will focus on purchasing trends and the latest innovations in petfood and pet care products from May 12-15 in Italy. Zoomark released a report in conjunction with the show's opening, which found that the Italian market for petfood grew by 2.2% in 2010, reaching 1.53 billion Euro (US$2.14 billion).
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Holistic petfood company uses colorful packaging for dog food line

Infinia's colorful petfood packaging reflects food quality, designer says
Holistic petfood maker Infinia recently introduced its Holistic Dog Food line, with colorful packaging to convey the food's quality to consumers, according to the packaging designer. The dog food line is available in recipes such as Turkey & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Brown Rice, and Bison & Potato. 
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What pet owners really think about sustainability

According to research conducted by Mintel, both packaging and product concerns are the drivers motivating consumers to buy "green" petfood products
"From the 8 billion pounds of kitty litter heading to landfills each year to the effects of a pet’s carnivorous diet, pet parents should be aware of the substantial carbon footprint left by pets," proclaims the online article, "10 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Pets Carbon Pawprint". Books like Pets and the Planet: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Pet Care, Eco Dog: Healthy Living for Your Pet and Green Dog, Good Dog are widely available to the eco-concious consumer, promising to guide them to the "greenest" petfoods and treats. Petco recently announced it's partnership with, the self-proclaimed online resource empowering consumers to go "green".  
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IML packaging may be successful for petfood manufacturers

Printing company says IML packaging appeals to consumers through better visuals
Belgian printing company Verstraete says that the humanization of pets has led to success in IML packaging for petfood manufacturers. IML, or "in mold labeling," is a technique in which a preprinted polypropylene label is placed in a mold that is shaped like the end product.
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Dog food maker replaces plastic containers with paper for Earth Day

Dynamite's new petfood packaging will be recyclable, reusable
Dynamite Specialty Products is replacing the plastic containers used for packaging its dog food with paper-craft bags in celebration of the upcoming Earth Day, on Friday, April 22. Beginning in late Spring, bags for smaller products will be made of recyclable paper, sewn at the top and have a moisture-grease barrier that is sprayed on as a liner.
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