Pet Food Packaging


2 pet food label types share more nutrition information

Certain types of labels offer more space for data and background information about the dog, cat and other pet foods contained within.
Nutrition information on pet food labels may strongly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Certain labels offer more space for data and background information.
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Terracycle, Mars Petcare recycling UK pet food packaging

Currently, some pet food packaging can not be recycled via curbside pick-up.
Through Terracycle’s system, pet owners in the United Kingdom can recycle their animal's food packaging from any brand by dropping it off at certain locations around the country or by mailing it to Terracycle.
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BPA-free cans could be marketing tool for wet pet food

Promoting wet dog and cat food cans as BPA-free could be an opportunity for brands to address consumer concerns over the potential health risk.
The human foods industry abruptly shifted away from using the controversial chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) to line metal cans.
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