Pet Food Safety


Petfood Industry blogs October ’19: crisis management, DCM

Review the blogs and columns that Petfood Industry contributors published in October 2019 on topics including transparency, sustainability and humanization.
In October 2019, Petfood Industry contributors published 8 blogs about antioxidants, crisis management, canine dilated cardiomyopathy and other topics.
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Q&A: Recovering from pig ear dog chew Salmonella outbreak

Officials advised that pet food and treat retailers take precautions if they resume selling pig ear dog chew treats.
FDA provided this question and answer to help pet food and treat retailers, distributors, importers and others to understand the current situation with pig ear dog chew treats.
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Avoid pet food media crises with preemptive press releases

In a breaking news situation, reporters need facts, background information, quotes and contact info for follow-up questions. Having a pre-approved press release can provide all of these quickly.
Preemptive press releases ensure that a pet food company can get their message out to journalists as quickly as possible.
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143 Salmonella cases tied to pig ear dog chews from 3 firms

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration updated its report on its ongoing investigation into Salmonella infections connected to pig ear dog treats.
As of August 27, the Centers for Disease Control report 143 cases of human infection by Salmonella enterica related to exposure to pig ear dog treats.
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