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FDA warns Hill’s that vitamin D dog food reply deficient

FDA concluded that Hill’s response did “not address the root cause of this incident.”
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to Hill’s Pet Nutrition on November 20, related to the company’s recall of wet dog food for toxic levels of vitamin D.
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3 steps to earning skeptical pet owners’ trust

Three steps can help a pet food company achieve dog, cat and other pet owners’ trust.
Pet food buyers’ may have become jaded and skeptical over the past several decades, as violations of the public trust by government, business, religious and other institutions became more visible.
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Tips to minimize damage during pet food recalls

Appearing open and cooperative during a recall matters to pet owners. Pet food company executives must avoid doing anything that looks like delaying or stonewalling.
During recalls, pet food and treat companies can minimize health risks to dogs, cats and other animals, along with damage done to brands’ reputations.
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Dog, cat food recalls low so far in 2019, but could rise

Stericycle Expert Solutions examined recall trends during the past quarter along with industry events to create the report “Stericycle Recall Index Q3 2019.”
Despite the relative lull post-FSMA, pet food safety consultants warn that conditions may be ripe for more recalls since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may pay special attention to pet food, as it does with baby food.
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Champion Transparency Council aims for pet owner trust

‘Transparency’ is one of the latest hot topics in the pet food industry, and Champion Petfoods has gone all in with the formation of a new council.
Transparency is one of the latest hot topics in the pet food industry, and Champion Petfoods has gone all in with the formation of a new council called the Champion Transparency Council.
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Genetic testing boosts pet food ingredient traceability

Genetic testing of pet foods may affirm marketing claims, while defending dog, cat and other pet food companies from lawsuits and scandals.
During the past few years, several lawsuits and other negative issues arose because of unwanted species being present or labeled ingredients being absent.
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