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3D printing pet treats with plant, insect, algae protein

A pet food and treat company could offer a 3D-printing device optimized for producing pet treats, then sell the ingredients to pet owners via a subscription service. For large, established companies, 3D-printed pet consumables could streamline the new product development process or allow specialized services for pet owners.

Ordering a perfect cup of Earl Grey tea from a Star Trek-style replicator remains for the next generation. However, small-scale 3D printing of pet treats may not be science fiction for long. Those futuristically created treats may themselves contain equally unconventional ingredients, such as insect and algae proteins.

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Simmons Pet Food expands wet pet food plants, distribution

In Edgerton and Emporia, Kansas, USA. Simmons will invest approximately US$115 million in the pet food manufacturing plants and other facilities.

In Edgerton and Emporia, Kansas, USA. Simmons will invest approximately US$115 million in the pet food manufacturing plants and other facilities.

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Criteria for choosing extruded dog, cat food ingredients

Nutrition, processability and other practical concerns, along with sustainability and marketability influence the choices pet food formulators make when developing recipes.

Certain criteria influence why pet food formulators choose specific ingredients for new recipes to be processed in extruders.

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Pet food processing, ingredient, claims research gaps seen

Despite differences among companies by size, new research on certain topics may interest the leaders of all dog, cat and other pet food brands.

Few researchers have stopped to ask if academic and market research provides the specific insights that pet food industry executives feel they need.

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Tuffy’s Treat facility adds US$20 mil wet food line

Annual production capacity is expected to top 65 million cans of wet pet food.

The 45,000-square-foot expansion will create 45 full-time jobs and expand the company’s manufacturing capabilities of high-quality pet food products that already include kibble and treats.

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Positive management culture retains top pet food workers

Beyond workforce morale, leadership culture affects a company’s bottom line.

Finding and keeping good employees is rooted in a pet food company’s management culture, and that ethos can be focused and improved to boost retention of skilled, experienced workers. Pet food companies aren’t the only cultures changing, though.

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Petfood Forum led Marel to enter pet industry, buy Wenger

In late April, Marel agreed to acquire Wenger Manufacturing, a processing equipment manufacturer focused on pet food, plant-based proteins and aqua feed.

After attending Petfood Forum a few years ago, one executive with meat processing equipment maker Marel decided to discuss moving the company into pet food production machinery.

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