Pet Food Processing

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Extrude, dry and coat pet foods for artisanal appearance

Tweaking the extrusion, drying and coating of pet foods offers options for brands to mass produce a product resembling one crafted in a home kitchen.
Pet food producers can adjust aspects of the production process, including extrusion, drying and coating, to fine-tune the look of finished kibble and treats.
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Map of 43 US pet food companies, many in Midwest

While pet food companies can be found throughout the United States, the Midwest seems to have a larger proportion of them relative to human population.
Pet food industry cyber-sightseers can take a virtual voyage from coast to coast, visiting United States dog, cat and other pet food producers.
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Ingredient substitution adapts pet food to disruption

Pet food ingredient supply chains can snap, or at least get tangled, for many reasons.
Whether because of a global health crisis, or simply a stalled delivery truck, pet food formulators may need to find ways to replace a missing ingredient while staying within labeling regulations and ensuring pet nutrition.
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Sustainability expands scope with pandemic, protests

Professionals from more than 80 countries employed in 18 different industries participated in two Euromonitor International surveys. Euromonitor International’s Sustainability and COVID-19 Surveys were conducted in June and July 2020, respectively.
The pandemic and other events of 2020 may have influenced business professionals’ attitudes toward sustainability, which means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
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