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Global pet food production up 8.2% in 2021, Asia led

Globally, pet food production increased 8.2% in 2021. No regions reported declines in pet food production.

No regions reported declines in pet food production. Worldwide, pet food and other animal feed manufacturers may have rebounded more quickly than expected from the effects of the pandemic in 2021.

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8 maps of pet food companies worldwide

Pet food professionals could no longer meet in person to discuss their businesses, learn from each other, make arrangements with suppliers or attend conferences.

Suppliers of pet food ingredients and production equipment could have a potential client in the region. 

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Automation in pet food: optimizing production, safety

Automating the pet food production process is becoming increasingly appealing as consumers require more from the final product.

Learn about the benefits and challenges of automation in the pet food production process, including with regards to safety, efficiency, traceability and manpower replacement.

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