Pet Food Processing

Wenger Manufacturing to host petfood safety seminar

Food safety seminar, February 26-March 1, will focus on each step of petfood production, including plant design, packaging and more
Corporate Project Services, a division of Wenger Manufacturing, will host a food safety seminar focusing on petfood processing, February 26 through March 1. A group of industry professionals will share food safety information as it applies directly to each step of the petfood production process, from plant design to sourcing raw materials, production, sanitation and packaging. 
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Avure offers HPP raw meat protein on-demand webinar

Webinar demonstrates benefits high-pressure processing for raw meat protein
Avure Technologies offers an on-demand webinar video for meat processors in the petfood industry looking to learn more about high-pressure processing of raw meat protein. The webinar, "HPP Applications for Raw Protein," demonstrates how high-pressure processing can help achieve extended shelf life, improvements in meat color and texture, improved tenderness and more.
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Texas A&M University to hold petfood extrusion short course

Week-long course in February will cover petfood production, selecting equipment and more
Texas A&M University staff, industry representatives and consultants will present a one week Practical Short Course on Feeds & Petfood Extrusion on February 3-8, 2013. The program will cover information on designing new feed mills and selecting conveying, drying, grinding, conditioning and feed mixing equipment. 
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Kansas State names Greg Aldrich head of new petfood production program

Petfood production added to Feed Science program, Aldrich appointed research associate professor and petfood program coordinator.
Kansas State University is expanding its Feed Science and Management program to include petfood production. Greg Aldrich, PhD, was appointed research associate professor and petfood program coordinator by Dick Maier, head of the university's Grain Science and Industry department.
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WellPet unveils US$20 million dog food processing plant expansion

45 new jobs to be added when expansion is complete by September.
Petfood manufacturer WellPet recently unveiled the US$20 million expansion of its dry dog food processing plant in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA, according to a report. When the petfood plant expansion is complete, the company will add 45 jobs, as well as green technology and automated petfood packaging. 
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Petfood industry members discuss petfood production, safety

Roundtable discussion with retailer, manufacturers, industry representative focuses on ensuring safe petfood, minimizing recalls
  A recent roundtable discussion by Natural Pet Product Merchandiser brought together a petfood retailer, two petfood manufacturers and a petfood industry representative to discuss the petfood production and safety, including the impact of a petfood recall and controls to prevent one. Although the US Food and Drug Administration’s website shows more than 1,000 petfood and treat recalls since March 2007, Nancy K. Cook, vice president of Pet Food Institute, says this should not be a cause for concern to consumers.  
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Petfood safety: key decisions for your HACCP program

HACCP’s real purpose is to provide a systematic method for making sound product safety decisions
Hazard analysis and critical control points, or HACCP, is a regulatory requirement for many industries and is the basis for managing food safety in a variety of international management systems, such as ISO 22000, the British Retail Consortium and Safe Quality Foods Institute. There is no argument as to the effectiveness of HACCP when it is applied properly. However, poor implementation or abuse of the system can be devastating.
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For petfood, true innovation now lies behind the scenes

For Interzoo 2012, the organizer of the event -- arguably the largest pet trade show in the world -- invited me to give a presentation during the show's international press conference. While honored and flattered by the invitation, I was also rather nervous, initially, because of the requested topic: innovation in petfood and treats.
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Designing your plant for petfood safety

Whether you’re building a new petfood plant or retrofitting an existing one, incorporate food safety into the design process
With increased scrutiny by consumers and regulators in the US, European Union and other regions, ensuring the safety of petfood products is crucial. For petfood manufacturers, food safety starts at home—in this case, the manufacturing plant, especially when it is being built or retrofitted.
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Alliance of expertise is key to petfood safety

Early collaboration by experts in process engineering, systems integration and equipment ensures best practices in petfood safety
Site and facility design is a critical component of petfood safety. The seamless integration of design, systems integration and processing equipment technology minimizes the risks of product contamination.
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