Pet Food Processing


Premier Pet Nutrition opens enhanced-safety premix facility

New facility designed to increase pet premix assurance for manufacturers
Premier Pet Nutrition has opened its new premix facility designed to provide absolute safety and assurance for all premixes manufactured by the company.  Enhanced pharmaceutical features expand on its tumble mix system.   
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Effects of food processing and fiber content on Blue-and-gold macaws

Pelleted diets may be more beneficial when dealing with metabolic disorders commonly observed in macaws.
This study was triggered by the increased incidence of obesity and metabolic diseases in caged parrots, and evaluated the effects of fiber and food processing on Blue-and-gold macaws. Four food formulations (0%, 7%, 14% and 21% of sugarcane fiber) processed by pelleting or extrusion were studied, resulting in eight diets. 
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Petfood Forum China preview

This exclusive conference for the Chinese petfood market offers industry expertise, networking and more
The petfood market in China is poised to soar. Between 2000 and 2010, petfood sales in the country rose nearly 800%, according to, the largest online network for pet owners in China. 
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Extru-Tech completes first petfood extrusion safety validation study

Industry-first study used production-scale extruder, dry petfood to prove extrusion's effectiveness in controlling Salmonella
Extru-Tech recently completed an industry-first scientific validation study proving the kill/lethality step of theextrusion process in its Level 2 Bio-Safety Extrusion lab in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Extru-Tech’s scientific validation proved the petfood extrusion system as an effective control against Salmonella.
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Dead dogs used as petfood fat, protein in Spain, reports say

Spanish laboratory tests find DNA traces of dog, sheep in petfood fat samples
A criminal gang in Spain reportedly used the bodies of dogs and other animals from animal sanctuaries, vets, zoos and farms to process as protein and fats that could be used in petfood and animal feed, according to laboratory tests of commercial petfood in Spain. In 2012, Spanish police discovered a warehouse containing 15 metric tons of dead, stray dogs in the town of As Neves, Galicia, as well as similar warehouses in Northern Spain. 
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Controlling Salmonella in dry petfood

New research shows promise for preventing recontamination after extrusion with sodium bisulfate, an ingredient already used in many petfoods
With pending regulations from the Food Safety Modernization Act likely to affect the production of petfood, safety has become the top priority for every producer in our industry. Recent publications have linked petfood to transmission of pathogenic Salmonella spp. to humans and prompted a new description for petfoods as a "direct human contact feed."
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Petfood industry comes together at Petfood Forum and Workshop

Here’s your guide to these premier petfood industry events offering unmatched learning, networking and business opportunities
Learn from experts from both the petfood and human food industries during Petfood Forum 2013 and Petfood Workshop: World ofIngredients. Both conferences also offer an exclusive opportunity to network with longtime industry colleagues, key suppliers, business contacts and new acquaintances from throughout the global petfood industry, all in one place.
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Petfood Forum 2013 exhibitors

Companies registered to exhibit and the floor plan to date
Following are the exhibitors for Petfood Forum 2013 registered to date. Bookmark this page for regular updates.
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