Pet Food Processing

Cargill granted US patent for petfood cooking process

Cargill was granted a US patent for the exclusive cooking process it developed for making its Loyall premium petfood. Cargill's Opti-Cook process, for which the patent was granted, works by using a combined steam and pressure cooking system and Near-Infrared Reflective Spectroscopy technology.  
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Drying petfood at high temperatures may decrease nutrients, researchers find

Wageningen University researchers test extruded canine kibble for quality after drying
Researchers at the Animal Nutrition Group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands studied the effects of petfood drying temperature and time on the food's physical and nutritional quality indicators. The researchers conducted two factorial experiments, using four temperatures and two durations, to test the effects of drying variables on extruded canine diets produced using a 4 mm and 8 mm die.
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Wenger announces September petfood processing technology seminars

Two courses geared toward petfood managers, operations personnel, engineers
Wenger Manufacturing will offer two Pet Food Processing Technology Seminars in September for plant managers, operations and maintenance personnel, and engineers in the petfood industry. The first course, Pet Food Processing Technology Seminar, will be held from September 13-15.
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Universal Pasteurization Co. to host high pressure processing workshop

May workshop will be held in UPC's recently-opened Lincoln, Nebraska, USA facility
Universal Pasteurization Co. recently opened in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA,  and will hold a day-long workshop here on May 10 to introduce its high pressure processing capabilities. The company says Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman will make an appearance at the workshop to mark the expansion of this home-grown small business, established by the founders of Universal Cold Storage.
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Buhler Technology announces profitable growth for fiscal 2010

Increase in order intake by 21%, sales revenue by 11%, company reports
Buhler Technology Group reported profitable growth for its business in fiscal 2010. The company reported a 21% increase in order intake to CHF 2,160 million (US$2.38 billion), 11% increase in sales revenue to CHF 1,907 million (US$2.1 billion), and increased operating profits (EBIT) at a higher-than-proportional rate to 10.6% of total sales.  
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Animalzone launches parrot food in UK made with roasting process

Company's marketing director explains how the non-extruded food is manufactured
Animalzone launched a non-extruded parrot food in the UK that is manufactured with a unique roasting process, according to the company's marketing director, Richard Davies. First, fresh grains are put through a roasting process that exposes them to a temperature of 184 C (363.2 F) for fifteen minutes.
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Wenger expands Sabetha, Kansas, USA dryer production facility

Company plans to add jobs with 50% production capacity increase
Wenger Manufacturing announced the expansion of its dryer production facility in Sabetha, Kansas, USA by 45,000 square feet and increased production capacity by nearly 50%. The decision to enlarge the facility was determined by the backlog from increased demand for Wenger dryers.
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International Grains Program to hold extrusion processing course in August

Course for petfood manufacturers includes hands-on sessions and trip to Wenger Manufacturing
The International Grains Program at Kansas State University will hold an extrusion processing short course from Aug. 9-12, at the IGP Conference Center. The course is geared toward technical and managerial personnel in the petfood, feed and ingredient industries.
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France’s ATM Pet Food to open plant in Serbia, Tanjug reports

Plant expected to be completed within a year for European petfood production
France-based ATM Pet Food plans to open a 10 million Euro (US$13.6 million) factory in Hrtkovci in the northern Vojvodina province of Serbia, according to a report from Serbia's Tanjug news agency citing local officials and ATM President Eric Charles. The Hrtkovci, Serbia, plant is expected to be completed within one year.
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Hesco receives 'A' grade on British Retail Consortium audit

Company got top marks at two separate facilities
Hesco Inc. earned a Certification Grade of “A” at their Hastings, Nebraska, USA, facility during their recent third-party British Retail Consortium audit recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative.  Under the GFSI scheme, food producers and manufacturers are benchmarked against food safety requirements by independent licensed auditors.
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