Pet Food Processing

Sustainability: not just for huge multinationals

A new report shows retailer Walmart and Nestle, parent company of Nestle Purina, ranking among the top corporate sustainability leaders worldwide, according to Based on a survey of "industry experts and professionals" by GlobeScan Inc. and SustainAbility Ltd., the report names 13 such leaders, with Unilever at the very top.
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ADM Alliance Nutrition to build new petfood premix plant

New feed premix plant in Effingham, Illinois, USA, to be completed in 2014
ADM Alliance Nutrition Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company, will build a new feed premix plant in Effingham, Illinois, USA, with enhanced processes and controls to meet safety standards for petfood premixes and specialty blends. The new facility, expected to be fully operational in early 2014, will incorporate stainless steel conveyances and processing equipment, with automation enabling real-time tracking of every ingredient through bar coding and lot controlled numbering systems.  
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GA Pet Food Partners invests in sustainable petfood manufacturing

New environmental management facility can clean, recycle air and water on-site
GA Pet Food Partners, a UK superpremium private label dry petfood manufacturer, recently invested millions in the construction of a new environmental management facility as part of its 10-year sustainability plan to produce petfood using more environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. GA's facility sits on 27 hectacres of land that features water treatment works, three biofilters and the ability to clean and recycle all air and water on site. The company also has an on-site packaging recycling plant that separates paper, cardboard and plastics to reduce landfill waste.  
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Applying polymer science to petfood production

When applied properly, basic polymer science principles can assist in ingredient screening, formulation development and process design in the production of petfoods.
Polymer science — the study of the glass and melt transitions of polymers — has been developed and used by the synthetic polymer industry for many years. In recent years, the principles of polymer science have been applied to the petfood extrusion process to better understand and predict processing effects.
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Thailand petfood manufacturer orders KSE bulk outloading system

Perfect Companion Group installs parts for filling hoppers of grain petfood ingredients through packaging
KSE Process Technology recently received a phased order for the bulk outloading process of petfood manufacturer Perfect Companion Group in Thailand. The ordered parts are intended for filling hoppers of petfood grain ingredients.
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The formulator’s dilemma: how processing affects pet nutrition

Better understanding of processing influences allows you to turn the art of nutrient fortification into more of a science
Thermal processing—also known as cooking—of petfoods provides a number of benefits, including convenience, enhanced flavor and texture, improved consistency, pathogen control and decreased spoilage. However, extensive processing can increase variability, destroy essential nutrients and create unwholesome by-products. From a formulator’s perspective, this creates a dilemma regarding how to assure the diet is sufficiently fortified while avoiding excess after accounting for processing effects.
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Extrusion short course highlights strengths of global petfood market

If you are new to the petfood industry -- or work in another function besides dry petfood production and need to learn much more on that subject -- one of the best ways by attending the annual Feeds and Petfood Extrusion Short Course at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, USA. The course, just concluding its 22nd edition, offers a nearly week-long immersion into grinding, mixing, extruding, drying, cooling and coating dry petfoods and feeds, combining classroom sessions by industry experts with live demonstrations on machines designed to do all those petfood production steps.
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Petfood equipment manufacturer moves to larger India plant

Charles Ross & Son Co. relocates to Prune, India
Charles Ross & Son Co., a manufacturer of mixers and other petfood manufacturing equipment, relocated its Ross Process Equipment into a new plant in Pune, India. The new plant is triple the size of the previous facility, said Joe Martorana, vice president of corporate operations.
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Safety focus: shipping and distribution of petfood products

The most efficient and innovative technologies and strategies to ensure the safe shipment and distribution of your products
Keywords like collaboration, cloud computing and responsiveness will dominate the petfood supply chain landscape — is your company prepared? How will you ensure that a worry-free product is always being delivered safely, efficiently and in a timely manner to consumers?
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Novelli Group builds new petfood production plant in Italy

Novelli worked with consultants Tebodin CCE to install new cat, dog food production lines
The Novelli Group of Italy is building a new petfood production plant with the help of consulting group Tebodin CCE. The new plant will produce 15 tons of dog and cat food per hour for the Italian and international petfood markets.
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