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Infrastructure allows pet food ingredient supply mission

Inspiring employees to a higher purpose may have motivated them, but a pet food industry supplier needs to have the infrastructure behind that mission too.
Along with the crucial mission of providing food, many pet food industry suppliers had the infrastructure in place to make good on that goal.
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Pet food maker nutrition, quality by ingredient studied

Knight leads an ongoing survey to examine pet food manufacturers’ approaches to ensuring balanced nutrition and quality control, depending on the main ingredient type.
However, pet owners may have trepidations about novel pet food ingredients or varieties, including raw, plant protein, cell-cultured, insect, fungal or algal-based pet foods.
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Pet food safety protocols aid plants’ pandemic protection

The measures used in pet food and animal feed facilities were for food safety, but may have ended up helping slow human disease transmission.
Federal scrutiny of Salmonella and similar microbes in pet food facilities unintentionally may have helped dog, cat and other pet food makers in the pandemic.
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Co-product supply for pet foods not stopped by pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted some aspects of the pet food industry, shifting retail channels, slowing transport and postponing business events, the supply of many vital ingredients seems secure at the moment..
Sanitary procedures need to be learned and equipment to be installed, but one industry expert doesn’t see any serious disruption to rendered co-product production for pet food ingredients.
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Sanitizing better than COVID testing in pet food plants

Dog, cat and other pet foods won’t be recalled in the United States if a worker tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
FDA officials also discussed how pet food industry facility staff should prove essential worker status during the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions.
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