Pet Food Processing


Cat food container size, shape can’t stop thiamine loss

Although thiamine deficiency can be deadly in cats, no one has found a solution to the problem of thiamine loss during high temperature processing.
Although initial experimental results suggested smaller containers might retain more of the essential vitamin, further analysis disproved the correlation.
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Freshpet cuts downtime with automatic splicing

Freshpet manufacturing will install a second Butler Auto-splicer in their new packaging line.
Freshpet is looking to cut downtime and increase productivity with the installation of a second Butler Auto-splicer on their Chub-maker line.
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Mars will install new equipment in Hungary pet food plant

New equipment will boost pet food production at Mars plant in Hungary, reflecting growth trend in Eastern Europe’s pet food market.
US-based manufacturer Mars plans to invest HUF 1.5 billion (US$5.5 million) in installing new production equipment at its Hungarian pet food plant, raising the headcount by 70 to around 900.
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Champion breaks ground on pet food facility in Canada

The pet food facility will contribute CAD250 million in direct capital investment into the region and create 200 jobs.
Canadian federal and provincial governments provided funds for the expansion and development of the pet food facility.
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