Pet Food Palatability

SPF opens petfood palatability product manufacturing plant in Canada

New Saint-Blaise, Quebec, facility makes SPF's fourth plant in North America
SPF, a provider of petfood palatability enhancers, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Saint-Blaise, Quebec, Canada, to extend its production capabilities in North America. In 2011 the company acquired and upgraded a food processing plant in a location with good proximity to raw material suppliers and petfood manufacturers with easy access to the U.S. 
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Panelis offers cat food palatability testing in North America

New cattery in South Carolina, USA, staffed with animal technicians, statisticians to perfom cat food palatability testing services to manufacturers
Panelis, part of the Diana Pet Food division, is an independent team of trained animal technicians, behaviorists and statisticians that observe and measure the consumption and enjoyment of petfood by canine and feline expert panels. Its cat food palatability testing services are now available for customers in the US and Canada through the establishment of Panelis North America and its recently opened cattery in Hodges, South Carolina, USA.
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US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visits Kemin Industries

Vilsack told high school students manufacturing jobs, like those at Kemin, are returning to the Midwest.
US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently visited a high school in rural Des Moines, Iowa, USA, telling students that manufacturing jobs are returning to the Midwest, such as those at local manufacturer Kemin Industries, which he also visited. Vilsack told the students that the high-tech manufacturing jobs of today require math and engineering skills while working to research and develop plant molecules used in the company's production of petfood ingredients and products for animal nutrition. 
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Sodium bisulfate: multipurpose petfood ingredient

Though not nutritional, this functional food additive offers other significant benefits, especially for cats
In the world of petfood manufacturing, some ingredients are used that are not nutritional, by intent. Rather, their purpose is to enhance the nutritional value, flavor or stability of the food. Sodium bisulfate is just such a functional food additive that one might find in petfoods, especially cat diets.
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Petfood flavoring company AFB awarded for 2011 customer satisfaction

AFB wins 2011 Experience Award from research agency Integron
Petfood palatability product manufacturer AFB International was awarded the 2011 Experience Award in the Customer Experience category by research agency Integron. AFB says the award, given at a March 15 awards ceremony in Rotterdam, Netherlands, recognizes its consistent dedication to customer satisfaction.  
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Bloomberg reviews 'human-grade' petfoods for appearance, taste

Petfoods with "human-grade" ingredients may not be as palatable as they seem, taste tester finds
All-natural dog food, including foods that meet Association of American Feed Control Officials' requirements to claim “human-grade,” make up 10 percent of all sales in the US$18.9 billion petfood industry, according to Packaged Facts. To determine what this "human-grade" dog food really tastes like to humans, Lucy Postins, founder of petfood company The Honest Kitchen, says her employees sample every ingredient when formulating a new dog food recipe.   
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The science and safety of petfood palatability enhancers

Recent palatability research, safety recommendations and the latest taste-improving products
Palatability enhancers, as the name indicates, are used to affect taste, smell and texture of petfoods to increase their desirability to companion animals. Palatability is critical for manufacturers to consider when formulating a nutritionally balanced petfood.
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Kemin to purchase ADF's petfood technology, equipment

Deal to close June 30 includes ADF's Missouri, USA, facilities, spray dry technology
Kemin Industries Inc. and American Dehydrated Foods Inc. have reached an acquisition agreement that allows Kemin to purchase property, equipment and assets related to ADF’s spray drying technology for petfood products. The transaction is expected to close on June 30.
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Cesar Canine Cuisine hosts contest to create new dog food flavors

Consumers can go online to create two new recipes for store shelves
Cesar Canine Cuisine is hosting a contest for consumers to create and choose the next flavors of its Sunrise breakfast and Original Pate dog foods. Consumers can go to Cesar's website and enter the virtual kitchen, where they can mix ingredients for their petfood recipe.
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Satiety in dogs and cats

What does the recent evaluation of different nutrients for satiety reveal about dogs' and cats' diets?
Satiety is a complex process that involves both neuronal and hormonal signals to the brain. Through this complicated system, our bodies relay to our brain long-term signals (i.e., how often to eat) and short-term signals (i.e., when to stop eating a meal). 
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