Pet Food Palatability

Petfood Forum Europe 2015 offers latest petfood research

Exclusive conference provides cutting-edge knowledge and studies on nutrition, petfood ingredients, safety, processing and more
Petfood professionals from Europe and around the world can learn the latest petfood data and information during Petfood Forum Europe 2015.
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Petfood palatability: More information from SPF/Diana Pet Food

Creating emotional palatability with petfood
Beside this fundamental research focused on animal, Diana Pet Food experts are considering another major actor of the palatability system: the pet owner. Indeed, market feedback on the performance of a food is closely linked with the owner perception of its pet enjoyment during meal time.
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Petfood palatability: More information from AFB International

AFB International, a market leader in petfood palatability, has a wealth of knowledge available to petfood industry professionals
AFB International launched their Palatants Plus blog at The blog is designed to share the latest petfood palatability research and developments with petfood industry professionals and how it can enhance petfood performance. Current topics include collaborative innovation, liquid palatants and tracking palatability.
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Good Taste: Petfood palatability update 2014

The newest petfood palatability technology, research methods and techniques
Palatants entice a pet to consume a food, treat or supplement that, while nutritious, may be inconsistent with their native diet. Dry petfoods make more frequent use of palatants, and use palatants at higher inclusion rates than wet foods. Wet foods tend naturally to be more palatable due to processing techniques and higher moisture content. Palatants are often available as dry powders, liquids and gravies.
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Pet Moz resource focuses on dog food reviews

Site also includes cost savings for consumers
Pet Moz has launched a new resource focusing purely on dog food reviews.The website offers an introduction to the reviews Pet Moz has collated for the best dog food brands like Iams, Purina and By Nature.
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Food palatability and canine obesity

Is there research available that proves the tastier the petfood, the fatter it will make the pet?
Contrary to common consent, there is no published evidence that the addition of palatability enhancers to industrially produced foods increases the risk of obesity development in dogs. However, there is such evidence for added fat, which is both a conditional palatant and a concentrated energy source.
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Diana Pet Food, Opertech Bio to collaborate on taste science research

Companies will use Opertech taste evaluation technology with rats as surrogate taste testers
Diana and Opertech Bio Inc. announced the companies entered into an agreement to collaborate in the area of taste science. The companies will use Opertech Bio’s high-throughput taste evaluation technology known as the Microtiter Operant Gustometer (MOG) to evaluate the degree of relevance of using rats as surrogate taste testers.
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AFB International launches Palatants Plus blog

Blog designed to share latest petfood palatability research
AFB International launched a new blog to help petfood industry professionals stay updated on petfood industry research and developments.  The blog, Palatants Plus, is designed to share insight into the science of palatability and how it can enhance petfood performance. 
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Gray cat standing up to press a lever

Palatability: The latest research, products and updates in the petfood industry

The last year has been full of new finds, new improvements and expansion for petfood’s palatability players.
Palatability is a major player in the petfood industry-if the product you're selling isn't appealing to pets, your customers will soon go elsewhere. Staying on top of the latest research and products, as well as expanding to fit the needs of the industry, are key to ensuring that pets, and their pet parents, are satisfied.
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