Pet Food Recalls

Food & Water Watch comments on recent chicken jerky treat recalls

Executive Director Wenonah Hauter urges FDA to stop importation of pet treats from China
Wenonah Hauter, executive director of the nonprofit group Food & Water Watch, issued a statement in response to the recent chicken jerky treat recalls by Nestle Purina's Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brands and Del Monte's Milo's Kitchen brand due to the presence of an antibiotic. According to Hauter: “...This is a long overdue step to protect pets from unsafe imports. 
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Recall: Waggin' Train, Canyon Creek Ranch chicken jerky treats

Purina recalls treats sold throughout US after New York, USA, Department of Agriculture testing found antibiotic residue in product samples
Nestlé Purina PetCare Company's wholly owned subsidiary Waggin' Train LLC is voluntarily recalling its Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brand dog treats sold throughout the United States until further notice. The New York, USA, Department of Agriculture notified the company that testing found trace amounts of antibiotic residue in samples of Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch chicken jerky treat products. 
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Milo's Kitchen recalls Chicken Grillers, Chicken Jerky dog treats

Testing by New York, USA, Department of Agriculture found trace amounts of antibiotics in several lots of jerky treats
Milo’s Kitchen is voluntarily recalling its Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers home-style dog treats from retailers in the US. The New York, USA, Department of Agriculture notified Milo's Kitchen and the US Food and Drug Administration that several lots of the Chicken Jerky dog treats were found to contain trace amounts of residual antibiotics.
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Is zero Salmonella in petfood possible?

Will impending US food safety regulations—if they ever emerge—dictate zero Salmonella?
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) finds Salmonella in over 10% of animal feed despite a zero tolerance for the bacteria, according to an investigation by CBC News in late December 2012. That level seems high, but is zero Salmonella practical or even possible?
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Claudia's Canine Cuisine recalls Hound Cakes for possible mold

Dogcandy Holiday, Blueberry Hound Cakes distributed to 130 PetSmart stores in 36 states
Claudia’s Canine Cuisine is voluntarily recalling a lot of its Dogcandy brand of Holiday Hound Cake and Blueberry Hound Cake products because of the possibility of mold. The recall applies to a single production run of 7.5-ounce Hound Cake products, marked with a best-by date of 08-2015, which has the potential to become moldy.  
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Recall: Carolina Prime Pet Priority Total Pet Care Bullstrips

Dog treats recalled after a lot of product tested positive for Salmonella contamination
Carolina Prime Pet Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of dog treats, is recalling Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips because the product has the potential for Salmonella contamination. The recalled dog treat products are sold in a 5-count package, marked with UPC code 0-21130-42080-3, and lot code 20082712 S 3195 and lot code 20090312 S3195.
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Magnolia Bird Farm recalls bird seed mixes containing peanuts

Peanuts in the mixes are being recalled by Sunland Inc. for potential Salmonella contamination.
Magnolia Bird Farm Inc. is recalling Raw and Roasted In-shell Peanuts and Magnolia Bird Farm Bird seed mixes that contain peanuts, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The peanuts in the mixes are among those being recalled by Sunland Inc.
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Recall: Charlee Bear Products' Protein Crunch Bar dog treats

Sample of a lot of recalled Protein Crunch Bars tested positive for Salmonella.
Charlee Bear Products is recalling certain lots of its Protein Crunch Bar dog treat products because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The following products are being recalled and were distributed throughout the US in September and October:
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Wellness recalls select Small Breed Adult Health dog food bags

Small portion of 12-pound bags found to have high moisture content that may cause food to mold before expiration date
Wellpet LLC in recalling one of its Wellness dog food recipes because a portion of the recalled product was found to have a high moisture content, which may cause the petfood to mold before its expiration date. The recall applies to 12-pound bags of Wellness Small Breed Adult Health dry dog food, marked with a "Best By" date of August 18, 2013.
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Wildwood Seed & Specialties recalls bird, small animal foods

Select Sleek and Sassy brand foods recalled because the products' raw in-shell peanuts may be contaminated with Salmonella
Wildwood Seed & Specialties is recalling a limited supply of its Sleek and Sassy brand bird and small animal foods that contain raw in-shell peanuts. These products contain peanut ingredients recalled by Sunland Inc., which have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.
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