Pet Food Recalls

Food safety legislation rides on US government funding bill

Spending bill passed in House, being considered by Senate
The US House of Representatives has tied major food safety legislation to a government funding bill for the Senate's consideration before Congress concludes its final session of 2010. The legislation would give the Food and Drug Administration the power to order a food recall and increase the frequency of its inspections.
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Killing Salmonella in petfood

Processors should carefully develop, validate and implement an effective kill step to support production of pathogen-free petfoods
Petfood processors have become increasingly aware of the need to control Salmonella during production due to the risk of associated pet and human illness. Processors know how problematic this pathogen can be but may not fully understand the scientific dynamics surrounding effective elimination and potential for recontamination during processing based on heat resistance and persistence in low-moisture products such as petfood.
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Something to Chew On: Petfood safety: what’s next

The new US food safety legislation will also affect regulation of petfood
Food safety in the US seems to have taken a big step last month with passage of S. 510, also called the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, which will also affect regulation of petfood. (Whether the step taken is forward or backward depends on your point of view regarding the bill and, possibly, legislation in general.)
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