Pet Food Company Profiles


PetPlate: Human-grade pet food since 2016

This subscription-based, fresh-cooked pet food company is staying on top of the latest premium and humanization trends.

Learn about PetPlate, the fresh-cooked pet food company built on a subscription model and expanding alongside the major premiumization pet food trends.

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Canidae leans into sustainability with brand overhaul

The specialty pet food company is finding new legs by maintaining quality while promoting a new company mission of eco-consciousness.

Learn about Canidae’s new brand strategy, including a merging of their old standards with a new focus on sustainability and reaching their consumers via an omnichannel strategy.

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A Pup Above gains distribution with human-grade pet food

The company formerly known as Grocery Pup is expanding with sous-vide cooked formulas and its presence in pet specialty retailer spaces.

Learn about A Pup Above, formerly Grocery Pup, and its recent successes including expanded national distribution of its human-grade products and its presence in pet specialty stores.

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Petaluma: New, purpose-driven brand joins the pet space

Sustainably focused and meat free, this new company’s mission is one of responsibility.

Learn about new pet food company Petaluma, which takes a sustainable approach to pet food in its meat-free products and its focus on agricultural responsibility to make the world a better place for pets and people alike.

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