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Pure Pet Food boasts rapid growth with dehydrated dog dinners

Two childhood friends are poised to take on the petfood industry with their human-grade facility, a first in the UK
“As dog owners are becoming more educated about what is actually in commercial foods, and how they are made, many are turning to feed low processed, raw and home cooked meals, using high quality ingredients,” says Pure Pet Food co-founder Daniel Eha. “Pure takes away the inconvenience, health risks and costs that raw feeding and home cooking can bring, while providing a healthier alternative to those feeding one of the current commercial options.”
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Holistic petfood company expands to include cats, alternative formulas

Canine and Feline Caviar Pet Foods offers alkaline petfood with the promise of better health for pets
Like many holistic petfood brands, the story of Canine & Feline Caviar Pet Foods starts with a family pet with health issues and a pet parent fed up with the traditional veterinary diets available. Moguls the Great Dane was constantly plagued with allergies and skin problems, but lived to be 17 years old thanks to Canine Caviar, states the company website.
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Industry newcomer launches with a US-first in petfood packaging

Caru Pet Food hopes to distinguish itself on the shelf with Tetra Pak
As of press time, Adrian and Pamela Pettyan, co-owners and founders of Caru Pet Food, were on the cusp of their big brand launch at Global Pet Expo in March 2014. "We are encouraged by the responses we have received from consumers to date about both our delicious (as per the dogs, of course) dog food and the unique packaging," says Adrian. "Consumers have told us that their dogs find our food irresistible to eat and they love the ease at which they can store and serve the food, owing to the uniqueness of Tetra Pak containers."
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Simpsons Premium poised to export petfood around the world

UK-based, family-run dog food company ready to take over Europe and beyond
Simpsons Premium is a family-run, holistic petfood business that was established in 2009 with one goal in mind: to provide pet parents with an affordable, superpremium, nutritionally complete dog food. "Our dogs are more than pets to us, they are part of the family, and it was important that we knew down to the last ingredient what went into their diet," says Lisa Simpson, co-founder of the dog food brand.
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