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CANIDAE maintains their focus on specialty pet food

This independent, family-owned company has spent 20 years carving a niche in the specialty retail market.
Nearly 20 years ago, John Gordon and Scott Whipple were working in independent pet retail when they say they realized brands weren’t supporting independent retail like they once had. The two had a vision to create a pet specialty product that would bring customers back to pet specialty stores.
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Pipeline Pet Products expands in the US pet food market

This company, with its focus on new product development and expansion, is a growing force in the healthy pet products market.
In January 2015, start-up pet treats company Pipeline Pet Products LLC announced the appointment of its new CEO. At the same time, the company secured US-wide distribution of flagship brand Green Bark Gummies. These two changes to Pipeline serve as the backbone of the company’s overarching business strategy: expansion.
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Sojos owners

Sojos succeeding in raw petfood market

As specialized petfood diets become increasingly important to consumers, this company maintains focus in the raw/fresh/frozen niche.
As specialized petfood diets become increasingly important to consumers, this company maintains focus in the raw/fresh/frozen niche.
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Nutrifusion pet food

NutriFusion expands into petfood with nutrient-dense products

Aiming for a market increasingly interested in specialty nutrition profiles, this company brings the power of fresh fruits and vegetables.
NutriFusion, a company that focuses on adding natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables into food processors’ products, initially had no plans to expand into petfood. But once they did, they saw immediate growth.
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Essential luxury: European superpremium petfood poised for success

New petfood brand Essential Foods is already making moves in the market with its BOF philosophy brand
Essential Foods expanded their petfood line just this year with the introduction of The Jaguar, the brand’s take on an 80% protein-based combined cat and kitten food. According to Christian Degner-Elsner, company founder and CEO, the cat food has been received very well, primarily by their dog-enthusiast fan base who also have cats in the household.
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Three Dog Bakery: 25 years of premium product innovation

A history of firsts and a recent acquisition have primed this dog bakery for continued petfood industry success.
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014, in addition to being recently acquired by a private equity group, Three Dog Bakery aims to broaden its horizons and strengthen its presence in the petfood industry.
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Mogiana Pet pushes for premiumization

The Brazilian petfood manufacturer is driving growth, knowledge and segmentation in a developing global market
“Wet food and foods with functional claims are also a very common, strong trend,” Eduardo Aron of Mogiana Pet explains. “There are also a lot of holistic and natural petfoods. The Brazilian petfood market is certainly still underdeveloped, but it’s already starting to mirror human food trends like in other more developed markets in the world.”
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Chicken Soup for the Soul expands petfood distribution

Petfood brand hopes to reach more pet parents with new packaging, a pet rescue message and added protein
The key to growth for Chicken Soup for the Soul petfood? Closing the significant gap between the number of people who know and trust the Chicken Soup brand of books and media and the number of those people who know the same company has a superpremium petfood line. “We are reaching out directly to consumers and driving them to their local independent pet specialty stores to find our products,” explains CEO Chris Mitchell.
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TurboPup leads a new petfood category with meal bars for dogs

Promoting outdoor activities between pet parent and dog is the mission of this innovative, grassroots company
“These are basically Power Bars for dogs,” explains Guerrero of the TurboPup concept. “So what it is, is a complete meal. Whenever you take your dog on the trail or go camping with them, all you need to take is this.”
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