Pet Food Extrusion


Dog owners like kibble of specific size, shape and color

In an experiment, 120 dog owners evaluated 30 dry dog food samples. The samples varied in size, shape, color and other attributes.
Scientists in Poland and the United States collaborated to evaluate how kibble’s physical characteristics influence dog owners’ perceptions of dry dog food.
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Small dogs prefer large kibble in palatability tests

AFB International scientists found in palatability trials that every body size of dogs preferred large kibble over small and medium sized pieces.
By discerning what size kibble that dogs actually choose, there could be several benefits for both pet food retailers and dog food brands.
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Pet food experts: how to save energy, money on drying

Pet food drying efficiency was just one topic covered at Petfood Forum Asia in Bangkok on March 28.
Pet food professionals attending Petfood Forum Asia learned about pet food drying efficiency, novel ingredients, precise pet nutrition and other topics.
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Biomapping watches for Salmonella-susceptible pet food

By regularly monitoring indicator organisms over time, pet food facilities can keep tabs consistently on their Salmonella risk.
As opposed to trying to find the Salmonella needle in the food plant haystack, biomapping looks for conditions that make those needles more common.
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