Pet Food Extrusion


4 limited ingredient diet pet food options analyzed

A LID challenges pet food formulators to provide all essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients, while using only a few ingredients.
Limited ingredient diet (LID) dog and cat foods use a minimal number of ingredients, but must still provide complete nutrition.
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Mexican superpremium pet food workshop speaker announced

Arturo Valdez, GfK Mexico’s consumer and retail director, will deliver the opening session of Pet Food Technology: Innovation in Superpremium Diets.
In Mexico, superpremium dog and cat foods continue to grow in popularity, taking market share from established premium brands.
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Three day course on pet food extrusion at Texas A&M

A three days course on extruded pet foods and treats will be presented July 10-13, 2017.
The program will cover material handling, preconditioning, extrusion of pet foods, extruded and non-extruded treats, raw material, extrusion hardware and other topics.
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Pet food extrusion course offered in Europe

FoodStream’s new Petfood Extrusion Technology course will be held from May 2-4 in Norway.
A food and feed drying technology program is offered the previous week. Participants can choose to attend extrusion or drying courses individually, or in combination.
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