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Profile data forecasts pet food personalization

With direct-to-consumer sales, a pet food company can build a customer experience with data and personalization using three methods of data collection.
To meet consumer demands for personalized pet foods, brands can use data from profiles created by pet owners themselves on those brands’ websites and apps.
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Refrigerated wet pet food sales higher than pre-pandemic

As of August in mass market retailers, refrigerated pet food sales had dropped from their COVID stock up spike of 51.7% growth down to 13%, but it stayed positive and returned ahead of year over year growth rates that they saw previous to COVID, 44.1% compared to 32%.
As of the four weeks ending August 8, refrigerated wet food had reached a higher sales growth rate than before the pandemic in pet specialty retailer outlets and in food, drug and mass market channels.
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Purina, Blue Buffalo marketing analyzed via reviews

For both Purina and Blue Buffalo, the majority of ratings on all four e-commerce sites, Amazon, Chewy, and, were five stars, meaning positive.
Purina and Blue Buffalo’s marketing strategies seem to have succeeded in communicating brand value to customers, but one scientist found differences in pet owner reviews of the brands.
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'3 circles' scientific analysis of pet food brand strategy

Scientific literature about pet food remains small compared to other fields. Most research on pet food focuses on nutrition, health and ingredient usage.
Pet food companies reevaluate their marketing strategies to ensure that they are providing the products that pet food customers want.
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5 hacks to break, rebuild pet food industry

Hackonomics involves breaking an established business strategy, concept or model in order to improve it.
One marketing expert presented five ways dog, cat and other pet food brands could break themselves and create their own future by hacking it.
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