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Cats and dogs respond differently to similar raw pet food

The differences in cats and dogs digestive systems was exemplified in the way that their systems responded to similar raw, high-protein diets.
Pet food formulators should remember that cats are not small dogs, said David Thomas of Massey University, during his presentation at Petfood Forum 2018.
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5 natural, 7 scientific traits that pet food buyers want

When consumer’s interest in a particular trend reaches 10 percent, that’s when it becomes relevant to the whole pet food market.
The list of characteristics that pet food shoppers want in products is long, contradictory and seemingly incoherent, but certain consistent trends can be parsed out.
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Petfood Forum 2019 announces call for papers

Pet food experts invited to submit noncommercial abstracts for oral presentations and posters by October 15
Exclusive global pet food conference invites pet food experts to submit new noncommercial abstracts for oral presentations and posters by October 15.
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Infographic: 6 pet food ingredients consumers don’t want

In Nielsen’s 2017 Category Shoppers Fundamentals Survey, 29 percent of participants stated that pet treats being free from artificial ingredients was important to them.
Pet food buyers look for “free-from” claims on the products they buy and there are specific classes of ingredients that people increasingly don’t want in their pets’ meals.
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