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Cost may hinder fresh dog, cat food sales growth

Price was the primary block to fresh pet food purchasing. Forty-four percent of survey respondents stated that they didn’t buy fresh because it was too expensive.

Dry kibble remains the most frequently bought dog and cat food, but pet owners’ choice of that format may be driven by price and presence in stores more than preference.

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3 options for insect-based pet food ingredients

To feed the billions of pets and people on Earth, the planet’s millions of insect species may offer solutions for nourishing dogs, cats and other pets with sustainable protein and oil ingredients, especially the three species detailed here.

Among the millions of insect species on Earth, arthropod agriculture has adopted only a few types. Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), crickets and mealworms are among those few insects raised for use as pet food ingredients.

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Inspirational stories help underdog pet food start-ups

Everyone loves an underdog, especially in an industry catering to canines. Pet product start-ups by lower-income groups, ethnic and religious minorities, immigrants and refugees already start off with a strong underdog origin story.

Lower-income groups, ethnic and religious minorities, immigrants and refugees could find business success in the U.S. pet food industry. Their plights are often well-known, yet many feel largely powerless to help. Buying a dog biscuit to help people escape suffering turns a banal buy into a social statement.

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Pet food processing, ingredient, claims research gaps seen

Despite differences among companies by size, new research on certain topics may interest the leaders of all dog, cat and other pet food brands.

Few researchers have stopped to ask if academic and market research provides the specific insights that pet food industry executives feel they need.

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