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Pet food plants keep workers who use tech to advise boss

In a survey by RedZone, pay ranked fourteenth on a list of reasons people in manufacturing facilites would stay in a job long term.

Losing opportunities for pet food processing improvement brings an economic toll for companies in the long run.   Making a pet food production-line employee’s life easier also tends to make the job itself more efficient and safer, saving time and money for the business.

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Focus on health, wellness influencing pet food spending

David Sprinkle of Packaged Facts tells audience at Petfood Forum that COVID-19 accelerated pet food purchasing trends

While the COVID-19 pandemic has not sparked new trends in pet ownership and product purchases, it accelerated trends that were already in place, according to David Sprinkle, research director at Packaged Facts.

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Black, minority business potential in US pet food industry

Presenting pet food business and career opportunities to minorities may open new pathways for economic success that many may not have considered.

When a wider range of people work for the company, pet food businesses may benefit from a wider range of viewpoints, opinions, experiences and ideas.

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Pet food marketing via storytelling about health, quality

Ensuring sustainable growth for a pet food company depends on that business’ ability to stay in lockstep with what is new and innovative in the market, and staying relevant.

New pet food product developers aim to fill dog, cat and other pet food company’s innovation funnel with creative products and creative ideas that create new opportunities in the market.

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4 ways pet food companies can foster innovation

Former Google executive Steve Lerch explains how to encourage employees to come forward with their new ideas at Petfood Essentials

Speaking at Petfood Essentials, former Google executive Steve Lerch explains the four principles companies must follow to encourage employees to voice their ideas.

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Pet food format pros and cons: kibble, wet, treats, toppers

Once the dietary goals are established, developers can consider what format would be best, instead of trying to force a nutritional square peg into a round hole.

The form of a new pet product, whether dry kibble, wet or raw, determines many of the available formulation options. Each format has pros and cons.

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Hygienic design for food safety to avoid pet food recalls

Food safety isn’t just about individual ingredients or the end products themselves; it’s also (perhaps especially) about the environment that surrounds said ingredients or products.

To reduce the risk of spreading dangerous germs, and the costly lawsuits that accompany them, hygienic design in pet food facilities incorporates nearly every aspect of plant.

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