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Cats eating

Nutritional studies reveal cat characteristics

Research explores cat diets related to aging, enjoyment of eating and obesity

Cats are unique, complicated creatures. Researchers continuously conduct studies to learn more about felines. Professionals shared the results of some of those studies on September 24, 2021 at Petfood Forum in Kansas City.

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Dog food brand usage 2013-2021; Premium up, standard down

Overall, kibble remained a nearly ubiquitous product in U.S. dog owners’ homes, with approximately 94% of U.S. dog owners using kibble consistently for the past decade.

Over time, some dog food and treat brands have grown faster than others, while some have declined in usage rate among U.S. pet owners.

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Good consumer marketing is like dating

Companies should get to know their customers personally and understand their needs while delighting them
Good consumer marketing is a lot like dating, according to Michael Johnson, CEO of brand strategy firm Finn Cady, who spoke at Petfood Forum 2021.
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Key aspects of FSMA for pet food facilities

Know what should be included in your company’s recall plan, as well as other requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) established a lot of rules and regulations for pet food manufacturers, but some requirements remain vague.
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Are pet food companies prepared for next pandemic?

Audits reveal top misses for companies readying for what looms ahead

The COVID-19 pandemic affected pet food plants to varying degrees. Some plants weren’t prepared for the effect of the pandemic on their workforces, ability to receive raw materials or ship out the finished product.

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