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How premiumization is driving pet food evolution

Pet owners increasingly identify their pets as family members and feed them as such, providing great opportunity for manufacturers to cater to this trend.
Pets are being thought of more than ever as part of the family and demanding the same premium nutrition for their pets as for themselves, leaving much potential for innovation in pet food.
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4 clean label pet food production and marketing lessons

The clean label pet food trend challenges manufacturers to create shelf-stable, nutritious and safe pet foods with a limited range of ingredients, while still keeping those products highly palatable.
Pet food industry professionals learned how to meet consumer demands for clean label pet foods at Petfood Innovation Workshop.
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Smoke and vinegar as clean label pet food ingredients

Petfood Innovation Workshop attendees visited seven stations featuring aspects of how pet food companies can meet dog, cat and other pet food owners’ demands for clean label pet food.
Although consumers demand easy-to-understand recipes, clean label pet foods can be anything but simple for formulators.
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Pet owners trust mass market and natural diets equally

Contrary to many pet food industry professionals’ beliefs, pet owners may not trust natural pet food any more than conventional, mass-market diets.
People employed in the dog, cat and other pet food industry believed that a strong majority of pet owners considered natural and organic pet food to be more trustworthy.
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Top 5 pet food industry concerns: ingredient quality #1

Watt Global Media, publisher of Petfood Industry, conducted the survey as part of the registration process for Petfood Forum 2019.
Although pet food ingredient quality ranked as the top concern, no single dominant threat emerged when 1,300 pet food industry professionals answered the question “What is the most pressing issue facing your organization?”
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Petfood Forum Europe tackles online success, brand loyalty

Pet food experts to focus on online sales models, social media, brand loyalty, sustainability and more.
Learn how to develop and grow online pet food sales, collect data on pets and their owners and use social media to build or revive your pet food brand.
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